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Kouchner’s Fund Continues Supporting Extremist Jewish Institutions Operating in Settlements

Other indexes on the United States denials of the Palestinian rights in self-determination and establishing their independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital, the American Administration closed its consulate in Jerusalem, and incorporated it into its embassy after transferring it from Tel-Aviv to the occupied Jerusalem. The closure of the consulate after 175 years of consular service to the Palestinians in particular and annexing it to the embassy that was opened by the US administration last May.  In addition, the US special envoy to the Middle East peace process, Jason Greenblatt, said the United States will confirm its support for Israel’s recently passed law on the deduction of about half a billion shekels of Palestinian tax revenues under the pretext that they are paid to terrorists and their families.

These and many other stances by the US administration and the Troika, get the memory back the negative stances taken by these parties against the Palestinian rights  in accordance with the agreed standards between the American and Israeli sides, and the Jewish colonization of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, The Kochener Family Fund is supported by a number of Jewish extremist organizations operating in the settlements.

It is known that Jared Kouchner, adviser to US President Trump is designated to follow the file of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, has donated to a Jewish religious school, whose director has authorized the slaughter of Arab infant children. It is clear from the sources, which was reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz earlier that Jared Kouchner, a member of a fund managed by his family, provides financial aid to Jewish religious institutions and organizations in Jewish settlements, including the Oud Yossef Hay School, in the Yitzhar settlement near Nablus. In 2009, “fatwa” advisory opinions were issued allowing Jews to kill infants if their presence threatened the Jewish soldiers. Moreover, between 2010 – 2014, the Kouchner family has donated millions of dollars to institutions inside Israel.

The Kouchner family fund, founded in 1997, includes Jared Kouchner and 3 of his brothers, who donated the Kouchner Fund to the religious school in the Beit-Eil settlement, north of Ramallah. It is also one of the most extremist religious schools. He also provided financial assistance to religious and educational institutions in the Gush Etzion settlement, which surrounds the city of Bethlehem in 2012 and 2013. FAurthermore, the Kouchner family donated $ 18,000,000 to the Shawarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem.

At the same time, the ethnic cleansing and expropriation of holy sites continue. The Planning and Building Committee of the Jerusalem Municipality recently rejected the approval of 20 building licenses for Jerusalemites on the grounds that the procedures that were followed are no longer acceptable. The decision of the municipality of the occupation almost completely prevents the construction of Jerusalemites in the city, who suffer from great constraints, and refused to recognize their ownership on land and homes there. The 330,000 Jerusalemites suffer from a severe crisis in the housing issue caused by the refusal of the Israeli occupation to recognize their property on their land and the total neglect of the city after the completion of its occupation in 1967, and the absence of any plans for housing, arguing that more than 90% of the land is not officially registered by its owners in the Tabu, and it uses this as an excuse for refusing construction for Jerusalemites.

In an effort to win the votes of settlers and the right parties in Israel, the Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett, and new rightist PM Netanyahu demanded an order to evacuate the Bedouin village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, accusing Lieberman of the postponement of the demolition process in the past, despite warning them that the postponement will be a difficult task later on. “If the target was an illegal balcony in Tel Aviv, it would have been demolished within 48 hours,” said Bennett. “Why should we surrender to international pressure that interferes in Israel’s internal policy? Destruction shall be carried out soon.

Source: The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements

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