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Kordahi still defiant over resignation

Information Minister George Kordahi has stressed that remaining in his post is the “sacrifice,” not his resignation.

Speaking to al-Joumhouria newspaper in remarks published Friday, Kordahi said he is “open to any solutions that would achieve the national interest.”

“I’m willing to leave the information ministry immediately if that would lead to a breakthrough in the Lebanese-Gulf ties, but everyone now knows that the current problem surpasses me and is related to the Saudi stance on Hizbullah’s role in Lebanon and the region, as Riyadh itself has announced several times,” Kordahi added.

“The choice of sacking me must not be raised, because I’m not clinging to my post. I call for the government as a whole to discuss the choice that must be taken. If I find that the majority of my colleagues want my resignation, I will submit it immediately and with good will, especially that I’ve discovered that ministerial work in these difficult circumstances and amid the state’s bankruptcy is grueling and difficult,” the minister went on to say.

He added: “Sometimes I feel that I have nothing to offer the information ministry’s employees except for consoling, whereas some of them get paid the minimum wage and some have not been paid for around four months, in addition to the fact that my ambition to develop state television and radio is facing the obstacle of the lack of funds.”

“That’s why remaining in my post, not my departure, is the sacrifice,” Kordahi stated.

He added that he will not be an obstacle in the way of “any acceptable and fair solution.”

“I understand the concerns of the Lebanese, both residents and expats, and I do not accept to represent a threat to their interests,” he emphasized.

Kordahi also hailed the behavior of his allies “who are like mountains.”

“I laud the stance of President Michel Aoun, who has refused to respond to requests from inside and outside the country asking him to press me to resign,” the minister added.

Source: Naharnet.com

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