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Kataeb party wants Hezbollah legitimacy removed by voters

Kataeb Party chief Sami Gemayel has called on the Lebanese people to “withdraw legitimacy from Hizbullah’s actions” through voting for change in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“We’re not speaking of eliminating Hizbullah. We are saying that the battle will withdraw the legitimate cover it had gained from institutions,” Gemayel added, in an interview with Annahar newspaper published Tuesday.

Commenting on the deadly Tayyouneh incidents, Gemayel said “the entire Lebanese people were a victim of what happened.”

“Together with our young men, we are present in this area (Ain al-Remmaneh), and it is normal to be alongside our people. We are not doing something extraordinary; we are naturally present and we belong to the area’s fabric when it faces danger. Residents defend themselves and certainly there will be Kataeb members defending themselves among the residents,” Gemayel added.

He, however, noted that Kataeb “will not pour oil on fire.”

“We believe that that cannot lead to a result. We have not abandoned the area and I’m the only one who visited it on the day of the troubles,” Gemayel added.

As for the political and security situations in the country, the Kataeb leader said there is “an attempt to undermine the judiciary and eliminate its role and credibility.”

He added: “In my opinion, the coming period will witness an attempt to target the Lebanese Army and disintegrate it, seeing as it is the last bulwark for Lebanon’s unity and the state’s image.”

Source: Naharnet.com

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