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By Russell Morris


The most powerful magicians in the world
work for the ones who have the most money.
They have the highest technology which we have not even seen yet, so that what they are able to do appears to be a miracle in our eyes.

The secret behind the most powerful and deft magicians is  money.
There are many magicians
but the most powerful
and deft ones
work for those who have the most money.
These are The Ultimate Jinn.
The Ultimate most powerful Jinn
has a trick too,
and that trick is,
he uses the hoardable form of money
to do the manipulating
and controlling of Work conditions,
and the deception too.
The only way to reveal the secret about this trick money is by comparison,
this is the only way in which we are able to comprehend ANYTHING,
is to have something to compare,
which thing or concept
is already in our minds.
You will never even know if the sky is blue if everything else is blue too.
If the only form of money you ever learn about is the hoardable form,
you will never even be able to realize it.
And the Jinn
will easily be able to place the throne anywhere
at anytime
right in front of your eyes,
like magic.

So this is how the Jinn
trick us.
But it is not enough to know about his trick
and try to make rules and regulations
to subdue him.
When we do this the Jinn
will still
have the upper hand.
This can be seen
by looking at thousands of years of actual experience and proof.

Declaring Demurrage on money,
specifically and beginning with
declaring Demurrage
on the US dollar,
Will melt the power
of The Mightiest Jinn,
and at the same time allow us,
The Divine Human Creation
to finish the preparations
of this world,
and even others too,
for God to come.
The Divine Human Creation
Will be free to fulfill this Mission,
our Purpose,
for GOD.

Exact instructions come from the Sun
breath by breath,
but we must be pure and clear
in order to carry out these instructions properly.
The hoardable form of money
is causing us to be distorted in
Mind and Body.
Thank GOD
The Spirit
still holds

The only kind of money which will be allowed in GOD’s Kingdom
is unhoardable money with Demurrage.
Then, in The Kingdom,
less and less money will even be necessary.
Unhoardable Money with Demurrage
is the only form of money
which will allow us to happily
and willingly
be able
to live by the Commandments which GOD has set in place
for The Kingdom.

It is impossible to serve two masters.
As long as the Jinn Money
we will not experience
GOD’s Kingdom
on Earth,
nor anywhere else
the Jinn Money
is used.

Thank GOD
we are living in a very special time.
Now, once again,
The Message is being delivered.
Thank you.
May it touch your heart.

Yours Truly,
The Beast with
Angel NicGillicuddy ?
and The Demurrage Gang

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