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Jesus, Muhammad, Money, Santo Diame and Ayahuasca

“Thank you Jesus
for allowing me to tell this story.
My name is Angel NicGillicuddy,
I was a prostitute
in the time of Jesus
and I knew Him very well.
We knew each other
a lot.”

We are in the middle of deep dark jungle, with a small fire,
not big enough to illuminate the forest
but enough to give us some light
to focus on.

“Be with your breathing,
don’t do anything to alter it,
just witness.”
Said a voice in the dark.
Silence for a few seconds
and then Angel continues …
“We talked a lot.
He told me everything.
Yes he was a healer.
He caused so much stress
by always talking about
the hoardable money trouble
that he tried to make amends.

“The force is strong.”
Comes the voice out of the dark,
The Shaman,
The Baptist.

“I’m OK John
thank you.
He told me so much,
even from His childhood.

I also knew Mohammed **
very well.
In another life.
Same hoardable money trap,
and the same
Way Out …
started talking about
declaring demurrage
on the money,
and got killed
after a few people started following …
it didn’t take many,
and even these
hardly hung out with The Teacher at all.
Everybody got nervous
when Jesus started to discuss
the hoardable money issue.

He tried to compensate
by giving massages to people,
to help them heal.

We were together many nights.
He told me

Let’s start with His Dad,
who abandoned Him,
just like He said
on the cross,
very soon after Jesus started talking
so much
about the hoardable money tricksters,
and that we MUST
declare demorage
on the money
so that it is not able
to be accumulated
and hoarded
out of circulation,
used to manipulate the market conditions, even the market conditions
of entire nations,
to cause the nation or region
to suffer
and become extremely vulnerable and dangerous
and corrupt.
Where was Joseph
when his Son
got in trouble?

I wasn’t so keen on discussing all of this
much myself,
but I listened
as we comforted one another,
and I know it all now.
More than anything,
I know the secret
To Making The Beast, USURY,
Declare demurrage
on The US dollar.

** Jesus was a builder.
Muhammad was
a merchant,
a bigger scale of business,
same usury problem,
same hoardable money.

Jesus‘s dad, Joseph, 
was a migrant worker
and was desperate for work.
The economy had slowed down so much,
all he had left
was the clothes on his back,
not much more
than Adam and Eve.
The money story goes way back.

And His Mom …
well let’s just say
they were very desperate for money
and She got pregnant on the job.

But once His dad found work
and had an opportunity
to make a good go of it,
he did very well,
made lots of good business relationships and became a very important

The economy started booming,
now listen closely,
and it didn’t hurt that those three wise guys came for a visit
and gave Jesus all of those gifts.
Well actually
they didn’t give the gifts to Jesus the baby, they gave them to Joseph
and Joseph worked
for them.

So of course
all this fuss Jesus was making
about the money
was rather embarrassing
for Joseph.

Jesus learned a lot
about the home building business.
He witnessed His dad
become very successful and wealthy.
But He also witnessed something else
later on, **
The Bust part of The Cycle.
Jesus learned a good trade from His dad
but unfortunately
just when He was preparing
to set out on His own
the economy
began to stumble and fall.

** Any child that lives with their parents
long enough
will see it;
The Cycles;
BOOM, Recession, Depression, BUST,
which are cleverly related
to the term
of a typical mortgage,
about 25 to 30 years,
one generation.
Kids that get out
of their parents home
may not see it so clearly,
and so hence
this very critical observation
will not be witnessed
and they will not be
a witness.
‘Can I have a witness?’
isn’t so easy to come by.

Jesus’ dad
used the gifts
that were ‘given to Jesus the baby’ 
to launch a building business
at a most perpicious time
as was made clear by the fact that homes were in big demand
(even The Inn was full), 
in a most propitious

since Joseph,
not really Jesus the baby,
started out with a pretty good
stash of money
and medicine
(myrrh; healing medicine; drugs)
and churchy stuff (frankincense),
he was in a very good position
to not only start a building business
but also
be the bank
a drug dealer
and also
have a business selling incense
to The Church.
Jesus didn’t just learn carpentry,
His dad showed Him all this other business as well.

Jesus knew a lot.
We met many nights
and talked
and comforted each other.

When the economy
began to slow down
Jesus wondered why His dad
was meeting with The Priests.
It didn’t take Him long
to put everything together,
it became very clear what was going on, Joseph was removing money,
hoardable metal money,
out of circulation
for using in a very sneaky
evil Plot:
(1) Give some of the hoarded money
to church missionaries
for them to share with poor people
in a small town,
in another country
on the perimeter of the country
which is to become
put under control, **
the profits
to be split
between Joseph’s Corporation
The Pope,
who was not knowledgeable
about investing money,
which put the power
back in the hands of Joseph’s Corporation
as The Pope’s
investment manager.
So if you’re wondering
who The Dark Entity
behind The Pope is,
it’s Joseph,
Jesus’ dad.
Oh he abandoned Jesus
big time,
and still is.

** put under control, how?
Give money,
or other charity,
to start a little BOOM
for the town.
Tell everybody
‘Jesus saves’ 
and teach them all about
saving money
for a rainy day,
then force that rainy day
by slowing down their economy
and help them start
a caravan
to flood the target country
with cheap labor,
no military required,
crippling their economy
while infiltrating it
with desperate
terrorist agents.
(2) The Plot thickens.
Expand The Drug business
and begin using poor desperate agents
to sell the drugs
in the country
which is being
systematically destroyed.
Set up production facilities in these same towns where the missionary
started a church,
what the fuck does that word ‘church’
mean anyway? …
look up the archaic definition;
take a woman
who has recently given birth
for a thanksgiving
I wonder if you can figure that out?
had a woman
who was pregnant.
He traded it,
Jesus the baby,
for money
and the other two things.
Little did Joseph know
that he was being played
by another
different church, religion,
which was playing the same game.
Remember where those
‘gift givers’ came from?

I asked Jesus,
I said,
while we were comforting each other,
I whispered in His ear:
Surely you knew
how dangerous
was the business which was taking place
in Your own home,
right under the roof You grew up in.
Why did You speak up?

He said this,
“Because I knew
The Way Out.
My Tongue
Is The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth.”

I said,
“Well, I like that.
But can you explain just a little bit?”

He lifted his head,
and kissed His way up my body,
we gently kissed
as we made love
and He told me this:
“It is
The Natural Economic Order.
One Edge
of The Sword
Declaring demurrage on the money,
that means,
declare demurrage
on The US dollar.
The second part of
The Two Edged Sword
Pay The Ransom
for all The Captive Land
using the ‘new’
US Dollar
with demurrage,
and never sell God’s Gift to All The Children
will become
‘that force’ 
in each of us;
The Beast,
which tries to do evil
but only achieves good,
your body,
The Temple of God, 
Will be purified
and He
will come.”
Then He had an orgasm.

Did I get pregnant?
I did.
I had the baby,
and I taught her everything
Jesus shared with me.
My lineage survives to this day.

There are religious cults out there
who would love to be able
to go after TMTG lineage
full on,
killing babies
which they think
might be of my lineage,
and ‘creating’ a very evil business
for making money
at the same time.
They have been working at this
for a long time.

The Supreme Court
has officially made it illegal.
And guess what?
This was done just in the nick of time,
my lineage
is still living.

Thank you
This Message
will be revealed.

If you want
first read this Message
so that you may see,
and then read it so that those with ears
may hear it.

Happy Independence Day,
thank you TRUMP
Angel NicGillicuddy
I am with

Written by Russel Lee Morris