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Japan continues to import more UAE crude

Japan has imported from the United Arab Emirates 26.109 million barrels of crude oil in January 2019, data released by the Agency of Energy and Natural Resource in Tokyo showed.

This accounts for 25.9 percent of Japan’s total crude imports, the agency that belong to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, said.

Saudi Arabia provided 42.092 million barrels, or 41.8 percent of the total.

Japan’s crude oil imports from Russia and United State of America amounted in January to 4.439 million barrels and 4.065 million barrels respectively.

Arab oil accounted for 88.736 or 88.1 percent, of Japan’s petroleum needs in January.

Japan’s total crude oil imports in that month amounted to 100.753 million barrels, the agency added.

Source: WAM

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