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Israeli Plan to keep the Palestinian "Apartheid"

By Jasmin Rasheed -- Following the visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington, his plan to enact the apartheid policy and liquidate the two state solution was uncovered.
According to Palestinian sources, the plan of the Occupation Government is aimed at countering UNSC resolution 2334. This resolution clearly states that all Israel’s settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - in the West Bank and East Jerusalem - are illegal.
The sources maintained that the plan of the Occupation Government will dramatically increase the expansion of illegal settlements; according to this plan, al Quds will be linked to its surrounding settlements, the most important one being Ma’ale Edumim.
On 6 February 2017, the Israeli parliament passed the racist Regulation Law, which is part of this plan. The law grants the Occupation Authorities the right to legalize illegal settlements built on Palestinian privately-owned land despite the opposition of the Palestinian owners.
The second part of the plan advocates an expanded construction plan, which was authorized by the Occupation Government; this means that thousands of houses will be built in illegal settlements in the West Bank and al Quds. The plan highlights the expansion of settlements close to al Quds aiming to establish a territorial continuity between these settlements and al Quds.
The third part includes the transportation plan, which was authorized and published by the Occupation Government; a network of roads will be constructed to strengthen the apartheid regime and create a territorial continuity between the illegal settlements and the region of al Quds. In addition, according to this plan, a railway will connect Ariel with Tel Aviv.
The sources concluded that the plan of the Occupation Government is to bolster the racist apartheid regime in the occupied Palestinian territories - in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This plan will thwart any chance for the just solution promoted by Mahmoud Abbas, with the assistance of the UN and the EU, for the establishment of an independent Palestinian State on the 1967 borders and al Quds as its capital.

Written by The Levant