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Israel reverts to using illegal chemical weapons on Gaza – The world remains silent

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE –  By Catherine Shakdam – As many have yet to wake up from the nightmare of Shujaiyya, when Israeli soldiers slaughtered their way through east Gaza, maiming and killing at random as if Palestinians were no more than cattle brought to the slaughter, Zionists stoop yet again to another despicable low.

Words can only fail before the murderous rage of the people of Israel before defenceless Gaza.

Following a massacre which the world has yet to come to terms with, following the murder of some 72 people in east Gaza this Sunday, Israel has chosen to revert to its preferred technique of war – murder on an industrial scale.

On Monday, July 21st, Israel has dropped white phosphorus bombs onto the Gaza strip, oblivious to the horrors it will bring Palestinians, oblivious to international law, oblivious to human decency, oblivious to all but its hatred of Palestine.

Gaza has become a graveyard. Gaza has become an indelible mark of shame onto the world as nations stand guilty in their silence.

As Israel unloads its poisonous gas, over 39 Palestinians have been reported dead this Monday … the death toll is expected to increase dramatically as more bombs will likely follow.

Medics in Gaza have told reporters that Palestinians have been wounded by a new type of weapon that even doctors with previous experience in war zones do not recognize. This latest revelation comes as Israeli tanks and warplanes keep pounding the besieged enclave.

So far over 510 Palestinians have been killed, 80% of which civilians; 3000 Palestinians have been injured and countless thousands have nowhere to go.

As casualties pile up, as misery engulfs Gaza in a thick nightmarish haze, medical workers have raised the alarm as Gaza stands on the precipice of a humanitarian crisis of cataclysmic proportion … and yet the world remains silent.

How many more will have to fall? How many more children will have to become orphans? How much Arab blood will have to taint the earth red for the world to stand? How much suffering can be asked of Palestine before the world to recognize that the real genocide has always been against Palestine?

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