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Israel has fired 2.5 millions bullets at Gaza

THE LEVANT – At least 2.5 million bullets and tens of thousands of projectiles were used by the Israeli occupation army during its military offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip, an Israeli army official said on Thursday evening.

The Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth quoted the anonymous army official as saying that soon the offensive was launched the Israeli army was resupplied with more 4,800 million bullets, 43,000 artillery shells, and 39,000 tank projectiles, at least 60 percent of them have been used in the military attacks on Gaza.

Israeli armoured vehicles, including tanks, artilleries and bulldozers consumed around 11 million litres of fuel, while the fighter jets used about 50 million litres, twice as much as the amounts used in the 2012 Gaza offensive, according to the army official.

The costs of those military resupplies are estimated at one billion and 100 million US dollars.

At least 1,959 Gazan civilians have been massacred while some 10,000 have sustained wounds in the Israeli military aggression rocking the strip for over a month.

More than 38,086 family homes and public headquarters have been destroyed in the attacks, according to Palestinian official statistics.


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