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ISIS Wrath On India

THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE — By Munib Shabir — ISIS is the most predominant jihadist group on the face of planet earth currently on the go in Iraq and Syria. This Jihadist group, like none other, has emerged to take over the whole world with bigger plans.

The whole ISIS crew is a wrap up of thousands of fighters comprised of foreign as well as local Jihadists. Due to its victorious military gains in Syria and major parts of Iraq, it has became the most dangerous Jihadist group surpassing Al Qaeda which was crowned as the leading outfit of Jihadists until the onset of ISIS in 2013 under its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Reportedly, ISIS recruitment wing has welcomed fighters from all over the world including, France, Germany, U.S and the Arab world. Due to its significantly high influence, ISIS has controlled a large part of Syria, including Deir Az-zour and al-Riqa City. Still, it is a controversial issue.

ISIS played a destructive role in Syrian Civil war which accounted for the loss of many lives. The chief aim of ISIS was to establish the caliphate – a state governed by Sharia law in Syria and Iraq but currently this Jihadist group is eying to take over the whole world. As per the details of a booklet released by BBC reporter Andrew Hosken on the terror group, ISIS is planning to take over India and North America and Parts of Europe by 2020 and latest reports confirm that Islamic State has special plans for India.

This book clearly highlights the 7 step program of ISIS to take over the Islamic world starting from Spain in the west and ending at China in the East. ISIS is currently recruiting fighters from India and the message to join ISIS is clearly specified on an ISIS Twitter account which was operational in India. This Twitter account of ISIS was operated by an Indian named Fahad Shaikh who had joined ISIS along with the other companion Muhammad Sajid who is believed to be the former commander of Indian Mujahideen and has reportedly been killed in Syria. Abu qaqa al Hindi ISIS have so far recruited a small group of Indian fighters and has welcomed more to conquer whole India and apply Shariah law in Muslim Nation besides posting threats for India on their Twitter account. The twiiter account of ISIS posted this threat message for India “this boat does’t stop until it conquer whole of India from Mushrikeen. And we invite you to keep filling it” and Indian Government is under red alert regarding ISIS insurgency.

Countering the threats from ISIS, India news agency Economic Times reported that Indian Government has assured that it will provide full support to Iraq Government in fighting against ISIS. The former president of India Pranab Mukherjee on the eve of National Day of Iraq stated that India shares a friendly bond with Iraq which dates back to trading in ancient times and on other basis of globalisation and India will stand side by side with Iraq in overcoming the present crisis which Iraq is facing in fighting war against ISIS. He further added that India is ready to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries and provide full cooperation to each other.
The top think tanks of India are suggesting Indian Government to take note of the ISIS threats but not to panic. However India is preparing itself to counter ISIS threats and in this regard, on Saturday an emergency meeting was held in India supervised by Union Home secretary LC Goyal. During this meeting, a strategy to neutralise the threats posed by ISIS were discussed and India has decided to take few steps which involves monitoring all the social media platforms, consulting all the elder members of the community and quick information flow. These initiatives led by India are hopefully going to stop youth from getting closer to ISIS. The Indian Government has also planned to act rapidly once news about planning of a youth on joining ISIS goes in the air. As per the recent estimation, 25 youth from India have shown their desire to join ISIS and this extremist ideology needs to be leached out from the Indian atmosphere.

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