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Islamic State secures advances in Iraq

THE LEVANT – Yesterday, the Islamic State captured the imperative neighborhood of Ma’lameen in the city of Ramadi. The Iraqi Armed Forces withdrew from the neighborhood after violent firefights and the lack of manpower to withstand the onslaught from the Islamic State. At least a dozen Iraqi soldiers were killed during their retreat west. The Islamic State did not waste any time as they attacked the Republican District, west of Ramadi.

In Tikrit, the Iraqi Army was immersed in violent clashes near the University of Tikrit, where the Islamic State is deeply entrenched and well-armed. The Iraqi Army attempted to infiltrate from the south, but they were repelled by the Islamic State. As the Iraqi Army offensive continues in Tikrit, the U.S. Air Force has repeatedly bombarded I.S. convoys attempting to participate in the battle, further obstructing the Islamic State’s ability to reinforce their positions.

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