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Why ISIL is not fighting Israel

Following the flash advances of ISIL – Islamic State of  Iraq and the Levant – in both Syria and Iraq where Takfiri militants have violently clashed with military troops, many observers took to social media – Twitter, Facebook and others – asking why the Islamic radicals have chosen to fight fellow Muslims when they could be attacking Israel.

ISIL which has taken to social media as well to justify its actions and sell its sickening propaganda has stressed that they want to “deal with hypocrites” before turning their attention toward anyone else. ISIL has argued that they branded apostates, in this case elements in Iraq and Syria would be, according to Takfiris, more dangerous than Zionists.

ISIL even tried to justify its theory by quoting verses of the holy Quran, advocating that that God himself has branded hypocrites more evil to His eyes than any other.

ISIL went as far as using Saladin’s exploits against the crusaders to assert its strategy, noting that he had first set his house in order before attempting to re-take Al Quds from the crusaders, thus attacking his own before the foreign enemy.

ISIL said it will liberate Israel when all the idols in the region have been destroyed, directly referring to leading figures in the Arab world.


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