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Iraqi Army Enters the University of Tikrit

THE LEVANT – After a long, hard fought battle outside of the University of Tikrit, the Iraqi Army has finally entered the school, forcing the Islamic State to abandon their positions and retreat north. This marks the first time in two months that the Iraqi Army has been able to enter the university’s campus. Following the initial retreat north, the Islamic State regrouped and attempted to push back the Iraqi Army with an overwhelming force. The Iraqi Army was ordered to maintain their positions and successfully repel the Islamic State attack; at 5 P.M. Baghdad Time, they thwarted the I.S.’ assault at the university, killing 26 militants.

Meanwhile, at the Tikrit Hospital, the Islamic State is attempting to forestall the Iraqi Army’s advance near the building. Sources confirm fierce clashes outside of the hospital, with the Iraqi Army making steady gains. For the Islamic State, Tikrit is an imperative area that borders the Iraqi capital of Baghdad; if the Iraqi Army loses the battle for Tikrit, the Islamic State will be on the doorsteps of Baghdad.

A photo has been released by the Iraqi Army, depicts weapons that were confiscated during a warehouse raid that contain Yemeni and Saudi labels. The Saudi Government has long stated that they are not funding or arming Islamic State militants in Syria or Iraq. The origin of the weapons has been confirmed; however, it is unknown who transported them.

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