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Iranian Claims on Supporting Hamas are Lies: Abu Marzook

The Levant News -- Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, a senior political member in the Palestinian Resistance Movement “Hamas”, had pounced on Iran regarding their proclamations of supporting Hamas, after cashing them in all as lies, especially those declarations on support being presented post 2009. Abu Marzook’s aversion was recorded over a leaked phone call which Asharq Al-Awsat had the chance of acquiring parts of.

In the voice record, Abu Marzook is heard speaking with someone on the latest Iranian declarations of supporting the movement and condemning all of them as lies, and further stating that the resistance had almost not received anything since 2009.

Moreover, sources report that Iran had held back its support from Hamas since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Disputes had risen to the surface on the Syrian suit. However, Iranian support dripped in for Hamas’s military division, yet not in a substantial or permanent manner.

Hamas has tried to keep the leaked information from spreading out, Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

Moreover, Hezbollah known for his persistent efforts invested in patching up the situation between Hamas and Iran, has continuously attempted mediating for the resistance with the Iranian authorities on different occasions and political stances.

Nonetheless, Hezbollah’s efforts have rendered futile after the gap between the two proved to run deeper than expected.

Disputes stemmed from Iran’s score of conditions imposed prior to any support, some of which were forced political stances publicized by the resistance regardless of their own personal viewpoint. Iran had clearly asked Hamas to claim a position opposing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in exchange for financial support to resume, however the request was met with refusal.

The present leakage of information is set to compromise the recent arrangement for Abu Marzook to meet with Iranian leadership in Lebanon, under the sponsorship of Hezbollah.

Abu Marzook had also expressed that the Iranian’s framework with others is confusing, and wears out on anyone seeking their cooperation rather than helping them.

In the ballpark, most of the claims on Iran sending ships for the resistance, Abu Marzook answered in a satirical manner, stating that ever since 2011 the resistance was promised a ship, yet Iran had not fallen through with what they promised, and only excused their lost ships to have set sail for Hamas.

He said that if one of their ships went missing in Nigeria, not only would they claim that it was heading towards the resistance, but also if one of those ships was caught on stranger tides, they would also assert that it was sailing towards the resistance.

Source: aawsat English

Written by The Levant