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Iran using Houthis to blackmail UN on nuclear deal, Yemeni minister charges

The Iranian regime is using the Houthi militia as a pressure card against the international community and the US administration to extract concessions on the 2015 nuclear agreement, Yemeni Minister of Information Muammar Al-Eryani said on Thursday.

Al-Eryani claimed that Iran is pressuring the Houthis for a military escalation in Yemen through suicide bombing in Marib province, as well as attacks against civilians in Saudi Arabia, state news agency SPA reported.

He said the militia is experiencing a major deadlock after failing to carry out the tasks assigned to it with a depletion of its fighters and armaments in Marib.

Al-Eryani also claimed that Iran is preventing the Houthis from halting its attacks or yielding to calls for a ceasefire so that Tehran’s negotiating position is not affected.

He again called on the international community, the United Nations and the permanent members of the Security Council to take firm stances regarding Iran’s role in Yemen.

Dozens of Iranian-backed Houthis and government troops were killed on in fierce clashes in Marib earlier this month, which prompted warnings from local officials and NGOs the heavy fighting further impact the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Government forces and allied tribesmen, backed by Arab coalition warplanes, have consistently fended relentless Houthi attacks in Marib.

Source: Arab News

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