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An Interior view of now-reconfigured Arak heavy water production facility in Central Iran 360 km (223 miles) south west of Tehran, Oct. 27, 2004. PHOTO: REUTERS

Iran saves nuclear facility from sabotage

Iranian state media said on Wednesday a sabotage attempt against a building of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization had been foiled, adding that it caused no “loss of life or property damage”.

There was no confirmation of the report from the Iranian authorities.

“Investigations are ongoing to identify the perpetrators and determine the facts surrounding the incident,” said Nournews, an Iranian news agency close to Iran’s supreme National Security Council.

Iran’s English-Language Press TV reported that “the hostile attempt occurred on early Wednesday, but did not result in any casualties or damage owing to tight security precautions adopted following similar acts of sabotage against Iranian nuclear sites and scientists.”

Iran has accused Israel of several attacks on facilities linked to its nuclear program and killing its nuclear scientists over the past years. Israel has neither denied nor confirmed the allegations.

Source: Swiss Info

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