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Is Iran really Pro-Palestine? Or just Anti-Israel?

By Behrouz Bahmani – This front page headline in last week’s New York Times caught my eye. OK I don’t actually read the New York Times. But I am addicted to coffee. And at the Starbucks I go to for my $1.90 Tall Veranda/Blonde blended drip (just because I love saying, “I’ll have a Tall Blonde please…”) has the paper right next to the stirrers. So you kind of have to look.

Later in the day I checked out the article online, (for free) and not much to my surprise, read why the total lack of any Arab response to the recent events in Gaza has been puzzling me. As one former American negotiator now far richer news commentator quoted in the article put it,

“I have never seen a situation like it, where you have so many Arab states acquiescing in the death and destruction in Gaza and the pummeling of Hamas,” he said. “The silence is deafening.”

Apparently no one, not even the Arabs likes Hamas.

Apparently Iran is a bit miffed at Hamas too. Let me rephrase that. You know you are in deep trouble as an anti-Israeli organization, when not even Iran wants anything to do with you. Khamenei even went as far as to request that Moslems help arm the Palestinian people. Whoever they might be.

Iran used to like Hamas. A lot. BFFs since at least 2006. To the tune of at least $3 Million a year. That is $25 Million that could have gone to the Iranian people.

But in 2011 when Iran began to rally support for Syria’s problems with Assad, Hamas surprisingly stepped back their support for a clear maniac, and that momentary mis-quiver in their lip, caused Iran to cancel all funds since. After all, Syria was how Hamas (and Hezbollah in Lebanon) got their cash, weapons and other “cool stuff”. So the Hamas snub was a bit rude. But not counter-offensive. If… you… catch… my… drif…

Hamas’ main objective and mission is not to help any of the Palestinian people it rules, by oddly enough the same rigged referendum Iran used to rule Iranians. The main mission of Hamas is to destroy Israel and Israelis. No, it’s written right in their charter they refuse to edit.

So far in July, which is a very hot month in Israel to begin with, Hamas made things hotter by firing to-date over 2,500 rockets, mostly with the always glad to see “Made in Iran” sticker on the side, into Israel. No surprise that Israel responded with unequal and far more deadly force. More of an entire city block for an eye, response. I was just now going to say “Overkill”. But that would be gross. OK Israel is being gross now.

Until you add up all of the rockets that have been fired into Israel, from Gaza alone, since 2001. You would get a number close to 15,000. If you started counting the rockets from 2005, when Israel pulled out of Gaza, you would not stop counting until you tried to count 11,001.

Iran still likes Hezbollah in Lebanon. Or at least funds it. A lot. Anywhere from $60 Million to as much as $200 Million. Per year. Over the years, that amounts to over $1 Billion that could have gone to the Iranian people. So we are at $1.025 Billion that could have gone to the Iranian people.

Remember that other cruel but totally usual and routine incursion by Israel into Southern Lebanon in 2006? Started by Hezbollah. I know! Another complete overreaction by Israel, resulting in airstrikes on Beirut’s airport, and a full-on ground invasion of Southern Lebanon by angry Israeli soldiers. Who apparently can’t take a joke when you kidnap and kill them.

Finally, now or at least since 2011, Iran has been supporting Assad in Syria. You know the details of Assad and Syria, and how he has magically come back. Even after 100,000 Syrians have died. Now that is some serious PR!

One thing that has really helped Assad though, is Iran’s traditional cultural of generosity and hospitality. In 2001 the theme was the gift of technology. Or, because Iran is so good at it now, Iran gave Assad the software to read emails, listen to cellphone calls, and even spoof social media. When Assad friend requests you to like him on FaceBook, YOU ACCEPT THAT REQUEST AND LIKE HIM IMMEDIATELY. You follow him on Instagram too, just to be safe.

In 2012 Iran gave Assad nearly $10 Billion. In 2013 over $4 Billion. That amounts to over $14 Billion that could have gone to the Iranian people. So we are at $15.025 Billion that could have gone to the Iranian people. That went to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Assad.

You have to admit that with $15.025 Billion, you can buy a LOT of US Sanctions relief. At minimum you could have outspent AIPAC like 7500 times to 1, and bribed every single active (and retired) US Congressman and Senator and actually gotten the US Sanctions “Wiped from the Pages of History…”

For $15.025 Billion, you probably could have gotten Obama to burn the US Sanctions in a symbolic gesture complete with a Halal BBQ afterwards, on the White House lawn.

Wait! What am I thinking! Iran could have spent the $15.025 Billion on the Palestinian people it professes to love to endanger so much!

But Iran clearly does not want to waste $15.025 Billion on these kinds of foolishnesses and madnesses. That would after all be heresy.

Iran has a far more nosey chosen vintage of mad wine. Because the one thing that this Iranian government, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Assad, the 4 Amigos, have in common, is that they all, above all, hate Israel. A lot. Possibly far more than even Israel deserves. Possibly far more than Hitler. A pure deep maroon Pinot of hate. An Austere Chahar-Daneh (Chardonnay?) with hints of Charcoal and Cassis. A Dense Merlot of Earthy Barnyard Toastiness.

And this is no love letter for Israel. I know it sounds like one. You might even be hearing violins right about now. But please believe me, I’m not in the least concerned about Israel, and whether or not Jews are liked or hated in this world. Everyone makes their own bed. And I personally believe that “an eye for an eye” just makes everyone blind. Except the last person. Who ends up alone, with just one eye.

But given what the $15.025 Billion that could have gone to the Iranian people, was spent on, what is clear and concerning, is that helping the Palestinian people, as Iran sees it, is more about rockets from Rimal, mortars from Muhktar street, and anti-tank missiles from Al-Zaytun, than helping any of the apparently cursed Palestinian people in Gaza.


Look, even the Arabs are “…acquiescing in the death and destruction…”

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