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Iran existential threat to UAE, Saudi, says top US lawmaker

 The United States is taking concrete steps to rein in Iran expansion, which poses an existential threat to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Those steps include stopping establishing Hezbollah-like organisations in the region, Ryan said.

“We are focused on the Iranian threat. This is existential threat to you, this is an existential threat to Saudi Arabia. And I want you to know that we see this issue the same way you do,” the top Republican in the US House of Representatives said.

Speaking at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy on Thursday, Ryan stressed that “the US will take concrete steps to rein in Iranian expansion including stopping them from establishing Hezbollah like organisations in the region.”

“These threats are very real — Iran and ISIS,” he added.

Ryan said protests in Iran shows the regime has turned segments of Iranian society against them.

“Iran regime is losing its hold on population,” he said, adding that Congress “will not remain silent about the plight of the Iranian people.”

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives cited the resolution the House has taken early this month to support the Iranian demonstrations.

Ryan said America stands with the Iranian people and their pursuit of justice, freedom and opportunity.

The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution supporting the Iranian people’s right to free expression while condemning the country’s leadership for crackdowns on recent protests.

The 415-2 vote comes just days ahead of the beginning of a congressionally mandated 60-day window for lawmakers to address US President Donald Trump’s decision to not re-certify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

At least 21 people have been killed in nationwide anti-government protests that began last month.

UAE Ambassador to US, Yousuf Al Otaiba, said the UAE was concerned by Iran missiles and regional policies.

“The biggest problem with Iran is its support of certain groups in the Middle East and its missile program,” Al Otaiba said, alongside Ryan

Sanctions that address Iran’s financing of “terrorism” and threat emanating from its missile program should be imposed regardless of the nuclear deal: Otaiba said.

The top Republican in the US House of Representatives said the fight against Islamic State must be step up further

The United States  has no choice But to lead in the Middle East and we must continue stepping up the fight against Daesh.

‘Rest assure we will not stop until Daesh, Al Qaed and their affiliatesare fully defeated and no longer pose a threat to our country or our allies,” Ryan said.

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