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By Russell Morris


Dark Prince (interviewer):
“So tell us Angel,
how you see things developing regarding probably
the only two industrially
developed countries left
without a central bank?”

“Preliminary discussions are going well between
The Demurrage Gang and
North Korea and Iran.
Kim J has never liked the central banks, and they don’t like him.
Iran tried to resist but got caught in a bad business deal
which still used the same Central Bank trick money; the kind which can be hoarded and hidden.
And the same problems followed which come to every country which uses the trick hoardable money.
Kim J has always resisted very strongly
until President Trump
opened the door,
using the ShiBboLeTh;
The NEW ShiBboLeTh;
Unhoardable Money
with Demurrage.
And it must be clear,
I am not talking about
“negative interest”.
They must know that there is
already so much cash paper money
which is hidden,
there is no need to
create any more
nor even to borrow any new credit.
When Demurrage
is formally declared
President Trump on the US dollar,
there will be PLENTY
of money flushed out from
The Dark Realms.
And it won’t be hoardable
President Trump and
The Demurrage Gang
cannot lose
taking this approach.
Just being guided by the star;
the Star of
The Natural Economic Order
(by Silvio Gesell),
it is impossible to get lost.
Now we are ready and well protected to pursue the Star
without the threat of war
getting in the way.
Thank you President Trump.
To be continued…

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