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International Observers: No Serious Violations in Ukrainian Elections

THE LEVANT EXCUSIVE – By Julia Lugovska  from Kiev – Ukraine – Canadian, US, EU and OSCE mission observing early parliamentary elections held in Ukraine on Sunday, 26 October, stated that the voting process was clear, legal and transparent, and there were no serious violations during the elections. Thus, Canadian observing mission CANEOM estimated recently held elections as elections totally reflecting democratic will and political aspirations of Ukrainian people.

Similar estimations were also given by the representatives of other international observing missions. In addition to that these elections were held in accordance with Ukrainian Constitution and electoral law and with the international norms and standards.

“We can estimate highly Ukrainian people and the governmental organizations, responsible for holding these elections, as the process was clear, and elections con be considered being successful. Ukrainians worked a lot under difficult circumstances in order to ensure these elections to be held fairly and to represent political will and expectations of Ukrainian citizens,” stated Raynell Andreychuk, head of CANEOM mission and Senator of Canadian Parliament, quoted by Interfax News Agency.

Despite some violations of the electoral law, the government was able to ensure fair and transparent, democratic process of elections. In addition to that, in spite of a difficult situation in the country due to the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine and Russian occupation of some parts of Ukraine, including Crimea, the majority of Ukrainian citizens were able to exercise their voting rights.

Earlier representatives of the OSCE observing mission working in Ukraine stated that the recently held parliamentary elections demonstrated significant progress in the process of democratic changes of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Central Electoral Commission has processed nearly 98% of elections’ protocols. People’s Front Party headed by the current Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is leading the polls with more than 21,9% votes, while presidential political power Petro Poroshenko Block goes next, with nearly 20,9% of votes. The third place was taken by the new political power Samopomich, created by Lviv governor Andriy Sadovy and advocating reforms and changing political system in the country and consisting mostly of young politicians, civil activists, activists of Maidan protests and military commanders, starting their way in Ukrainian politics. There are currently 6 political powers laming their way into Ukrainian parliament. CEC also stated that final results of the elections are expected to be announced till the 10th November.


Julia Lugovska is correspondent of The Levant in Kiev, Ukraine, she is a political analyst specialized in Ukrainian and Middle East Affairs.

Julia Lugovska, The Levant correspondent based in Kiev – Ukraine
Julia Lugovska, The Levant correspondent based in Kiev – Ukraine


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