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Intensifying Settlement Activities in West Bank to Solve Housing Problem in Gush Dan

The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements said in his latest weekly report , that Israeli elections is to be held on next Sept. 17th, settlers voices calling for intensifying settlements and annexing Areas C to apply full sovereignty on settlements built in the occupied West Bank. Moreover, settlers in Hebron called on Netanyahu, to allow them build housing units at the Soq Aljomlah area i.e. (the wholesale market) in the city as they made great efforts to control the Soq after transferring its file to the Israeli National Security Council 3 months ago. Within the context, head of the Israeli occupation government intends to storm the Ibrahimi Mosque to show that he is far-right-leader, who doesn’t give up any the Zionist plan.

In turn, the “Union of Right-Wing Parties” led by Eielet Shaked raised the ceiling of its electoral propaganda by focusing on settlement. The new right-wing party, Yemina, has announced its plan to solve the problem of high prices of the housing units.  This came during a tour by the leaders of the parties in the Alkna settlement in the West Bank, of whom Shaked, Naftali Bneit, Rafi Peretz, Betzlal and Smotrich. The plan is to force the government to implement it if wins the next elections, and to settle more than half a million Israelis in the West Bank and building about 113,000 new housing units. According to the data presented by the leaders of the parties, the price of the housing unit will be NIS 950,000, while the price of similar housing unit in “Gush Dan” area is NIS 1,700,000, and 22,000 housing units will be built every year.

Furthermore, Shaked, leader of the New Right party, and her ally Naftali Bennett, called for full sovereignty over settlements in the West Bank, this came during a visit to Gush Etzion settlement. She said: “Sovereignty must be applied to Gush Etzion, and then to all areas.” She stressed the need to grab the chance as the US President Trump is giving unlimited support to Israel, saying, “We must take advantage of the presence of a sympathetic president in the White House and apply Israeli law.” As for the ongoing settlement projects, the Israeli government approved an increase in the budget of the so-called 5 years infrastructure development plan in East Jerusalem – 2016 to 2020, which in 2015 was NIS 100,000,000  .

In a dangerous precedent last week, a number of senior White House officials participated along with the settlers in breaking into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli police. As the occupation authorities seek to change the legal and historical situation in Jerusalem and its surrounding, where dangerous excavations and deep tunnels to rebuild the alleged temple did not stop. This coincided with the 50th anniversary of burning of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Aug. 21st, 1969, when the Australian extremist Michael Rohan, set fire in it.

A list of Israeli Settlers’ Assaults over the Last Week, Documented by the National Bureau


  • Handing over demolition orders to a number of Palestinian citizens in Issawiya town east of Jerusalem under the pretext of being built without a license.
  • Demolishing 2 houses belonging to a Jerusalemite family in the Al-Aqaba Neighborhood near Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem as well as attacking the family.
  • Handing over demolition orders to more than 20 facilities in Al-Matar Neighborhood near Qalandia Refugee Camp north of Jerusalem, under the pretext of not obtaining the necessary papers.



  • Attacking farmers and their lands in Um-Safa and Jibia village north of Ramallah as well as erecting barbed-wire on a 150 dunums land, destroyed the plantings under the pretext that the land is located in areas “C” and “B”.



  • Confiscating agricultural Caravan and its equipments in Deir-Razeh village south of Hebron as well as stopping the construction in the area.
  • Running over a 6-year-old girl in Al-Jaba’a village, southwest of Bethlehem, between Al-Jaba’a and Surif villages.
  • Spoiling  fruit and vegetable peddles at Wadi Al-Khalil crossing “Mitar” south of Al-Dhaheria town in Hebron, taking into account those peddles are the only source of income for the owners.
  • Destroying Palestinian vehicles on the bypass road n 60 near the Kharsina area east of Hebron and throwing stones at them.



  • Seizing a caravan in Husan village west of Bethlehem.
  • Setting up more military checkpoints on the bypass road n 60.



  • Storming the archaeological area in Sabastiya north of Nablus several times during the past week amid the protection of the Israeli army, as well as preventing visitors and citizens from accessing it, and conducting survey and planning works there.
  • Closing the road between Huwara south of Nablus and the northern West Bank as well as throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles.



  • Storming into Haris  town in Salfit and damaging a number of vehicles as well as writing raciest slogans including “Arabs are Enemies” and “Leave or die.”



  • Seizing an agricultural caravan at the entrance of Khirbet Jabara village, south of Tulkarm. Another caravan was seized from an area of 800 donums a few months ago.



  • Storming Al-Hafeera Hill south of Jenin, performing religious rituals.


Tubas and Jordan valley:

  • Destroying a water tank in ‘Ainoun area, southeast of Tubas, with a capacity of 1,000 cups. They also destroyed another tank with a capacity of 1000 cups in Kaoun Plain near Bardala village in the northern Jordan Valley.


Source: The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements

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