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A supporter holds a Trump campaign flag out the sunroof of a car as they leave the Lexington Service Center on Route 95 enroute to the Trump Train rally Londonderry, NH. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

More from inside The Trump Train

This time
The Beast starts the conversation …
“Big Tech
in collaboration
with Mainstream News Networks
are completely reliant
on cash money US paper dollars. Why? Because the cycles of boom and bust happen much quicker for their product(s).

The Leaders, like Google and Microsoft,
and The Giant News Networks
which ride on their artificial shoulders,
are constantly challenged
by the competition,
and once ratings begin to slip
the lead as lost,
and with it the ad revenues.
When this begins to happen
you will witness more and more
“cheap” unrestricted ads
coming from
‘The Leaders’
in their desperate attempt
to maintain revenue
in order to stay in business;
pay their employees and rent,
in the widest sense.
Listen to all the commercials
on NPR these days.

whenever revenues begin to decline, research and development
is the first to get cut in the budget
for most industry.
But in the business of Big Tech
and Giant News Networks
survival is not possible without continuous aggressive
research and development,
and that includes research and development just to protect their platform.
I mean their ad platform;
their source of revenue.
What is the easiest way to avoid the effect on Research and Development
of losing the lead and these revenues? …
Make a deal with The Cash Mob Elite.
so that research and development never slows down.

Any new idea or invention
needs money to pursue manifestation
of the actual product or creation.
The Gutenberg press is a good example of this but it actually goes back much further.
In the secret back room
is where discussions are made about how to finance the latest idea or invention.

Beatrix Potter could tell you how it works. Take a look into her journal 1881 – 1897.
Those dramatically enhanced designs
for cotton manufacturing machines
were funded by collaboration
with The Cash Mob Elite.
Banks follow their lead a few years later,
not before.

But always remember this important rule when it comes to interest on an investment and rent;
More and more uninterrupted continuous building or creation of a product,
not just property like homes and factories, but even intellectual property,
causes the return on that property
to decline.
In the case of intellectual property
the much-needed continuous innovation research and development work
in order to stay in the lead
cannot afford to go through the experience of a recession or depression.
So they have a direct connection with
The Cash Mob Elite.
If Google or Microsoft
or any of The Giant News Networks
riding on their artificial shoulders
start losing the lead,
then The Cash Mob Elite
begin moving their ‘bets’
(investment cash paper US dollars)
into the ideas
of one of the other horses in the race.”

V bounces out of her seat,
The Giants are slaves
to The Cash Mob Elite !
And I know what that means …
dangerous reckless desperate actions mostly having to do with conflict and sex,
the things which trigger
our most basic impulses most.
Been there. Wanna see a scar?”

The Beast replies,
“I believe you.
So what to do about this? …
Declare demurrage on The US dollar
and you will REVERSE the effects
of the ultimate Usury
which is happening these days.
Where Darkness spreads now
because of
the hoardable form of money
that is being used, especially including
The Monster Leverage Device
cash paper US dollars, …
where these dollars spread
is empowered.
Disease also spreads
with the cash paper money …

The temptation to commit usury
results in something which actually leads to goodness (instead of badness)
when we use unhoardable
Money with demurrage,
that is,
when demurrage is declared
on The US dollar.

And the disease
will also be much easier to manage.

Your true human potential
will never be held back again
when we use
unhoardable money with demurrage,
beginning with declaring demurrage
on The US dollar.

The Giants will fall,
and the money will flow,
like a Great Flood,
without interruption
to find
all the ideas and inventions
which the people demand.
Remember, demand = money.
This money being unhoardable;
The US dollar with demurrage,
it will flow like water
to all the lowest areas,
which means more workers being payed,
more homes,
more factories,
more ships.
And the flow
will never be interrupted,
which means very quick advancement beyond the typical
homes, factories, and ships.
We will witness miracles much greater
than any of Jesus,
just like He said.”

Now President Trump stands up
to offer a toast,
“To miracles !
Salainte ! “

And they all tap their little tea cups together gently.

To be continued…

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