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Inside The Trump Train on the way to Iran

Angel NicGillicuddy asks President Trump about some recent news.
“The Pope has just made a deal
to sell The Church as an ad platform
to promote
The Council for Inclusive Capitalism
with The Vatican.

The Catholic Church
is beyond broke.
They suffer serious loss of income
from tourism and collections
and no way to pay for maintenance
of the building structures and art,
which are the source of that income,
which is not coming in because tourism
is down, way down, … from Easter on.
Everything is crumbling literally. And suffering.

And now their property
is being leaned on.
That article by Haley Messenger
and published by NBC
probably cost the church
half it’s revenues
from now on.

The Pope will probably do more promotions. I suppose there is a stock involved
and of course The Pope
will highly recommend it …
and I’m sure there will be all kinds of ways to
buy in.

V chimes in here,
“Save yourself Pope Francis!”

Then Angel continues,
“Keep your deal but add (ad) this,
A Message from Jesus;
Unfund The Dark Forces,
Bankrupt The Human Slave Trafficking business,
and REVERSE the effects
of usury,
declare demurrage on The US dollar.
What do you think President Trump
my friend?

President Trump:
“I’m with Jesus,
and you Angel NicGillicuddy.
Salainte! …
I think The Council for Inclusive Capitalism
should thank you
for giving them some free

“Merry Christmas Sir.”
And they all clash their tea cups together.

To be continued…

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One comment

  1. Angel NicGillicuddy

    The Christmas Star * is back
    with more Hope.
    The goals for humanitarian
    and environmental recovery
    will be reached MUCH faster and without
    distortion nor interference nor interrupt
    when demurrage is declared on The US dollar;
    a miracle much greater than those of Jesus,
    even He said so Himself.
    * The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
    Angel NicGillicuddy ?

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