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India to sabotage Chinese Investment Plans in South Asia

THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE - By Muhammad Zamir Assadi* --
Right from the announcements of the China’s investment plans for the development of Gawadar port in Baluchistan province and (China Pak Economic Corridor ) CPEC projects in Pakistan, particularly in the aftermath of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan with an announcement of $ 46 billion development projects for Pakistan, India never felt ease with such accords between the two friendly countries.
China provided over 80 percent of the $248 million for the development of the Gawadar Port. Since, the Port provides a shortest trade route as a corridor between the Persian Gulf and Western China. The China’s wise decision to invest on Gawadar Port, allows the regional trade partners through a short, safe and convenient trade route that effectively passes through the South China Sea, Pacific Rim, Malacca Strait and Sri Lanka and effectively connects the entire region with the international market.
China has also been concerned about Indian spy agency RAW’s efforts to sabotage the CPEC project and Chinese authorities have often cautioned about possible terror attack aimed at making the CPEC a failure nevertheless, right from the very inauguration of the Gawadar port in 2007, India by one or other way tries to sabotage the project. Initially, it invested 150 million dollars for the development of Iranian Port of Chah Bahar but such Indian strives could not undermine the significance of the Gawadar Port. The other means left with India only sabotaging the Chinese investment in Pakistan.
Comparatively, the Gawadar port enables the regional countries to carry out the trade activities much easier access than Chah Bahar port of Iran. In addition, the Port also provides landlocked Afghanistan and the Central Asian states with much cheaper opportunity than the Chah Bahar. Gawadar is providing a trade route to China towards its destined trade partners to be completed in 10 days which is being completed in 45 days via recent trade route through Strait of Malacca.
The recent detention of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav by Pakistani authorities has unearthed many secrets with a series of confessions about the tasks yet were to be carried out by the Indian secret service RAW through its clandestine network within Pakistan. The Indian involvement is not only confined to destabilizing Pakistan but it also eagerly pursues the options to create chaotic situation for a delay in the completion of the development projects particularly those underway with the friendly states and predominantly that aim at boosting Pakistani economy and stability for achieving a self-sustaining prosperity level.
The Indian ambitions have always been aimed at isolating Pakistan by creating a typical sense of bitterness amidst the relations of Pakistan with its friendly states like China but fortunately, the time-tested friendship of the two countries, and the wisdom of their leaderships never let such nefarious Indian tactics to become success. Furthermore, the confessions of the Indian agent Kulbhushan Yadav has most importantly, revealed his plans for the sabotage of Gawadar project. His disclosures contain the stories about throughout Indian secret operation in Baluchistan province that merely aim at sabotaging the Chinese investment plans.
The analysts believe, since, the India considers China as a regional competitor therefore; it frequently tries overcoming the China rise that greatly diminishes the chances of Indian ambitions of becoming a regional and later on a global power player. The confessions of the Indian spy further disclosed the Indian plans, as the successful completion of the CPEC project by anyway is unacceptable to the Indian side. With over 46 billion dollars investment, the project would greatly increase the economic umbrella of China in the region therefore; the Indian side always attempted through the despicable means to creating law and order situation in the area. These Indian secret tactics used as a tool to compel the Chinese to vacate the Gawadar port and eventually lose interest in the completion of the CPEC project. However, the firmness of Pakistani is obvious for making the long cherished dream a resounding success. For the reasons of ensuring security and the timely completion of the CPEC project additionally with the successful functioning of the Gawadar Free Trade Zone, Pakistan has allocated a special security division of over 8, 000 military personnel. In addition, an estimated number of 90,000 security personnel comprising the paramilitary and other security services of Pakistan also vigilantly monitor and ready to curb all the Indian secret activities for sabotaging the Chinese investment plans in Pakistan.

*Pakistani journalist and analyst, The Levant News Correspondent in the South Asia region.

Written by The Levant

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