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How Trump is the last man standing between the doors of Racial progression?

“Bully”, “Sexist” and “Fascist” – These are few of the phrases thrown at Trump by political pundits and commentators. After he won the elections, thousands of people in America flooded the streets to protest against him. Moreover, Trump has always been condemned for his race-based appeals to white voters. Many of the Americans regarded Trump’s election as a setback to the nation with his history of explicit racism and violence against black.

Millions of Americans concerned about racial issues, immigration and discrimination were disappointed after he won the election. Many of the commentators and pundits believe that Trump’s presidency is a major setback and will reverse 50 years of racial progression since the time of civil rights movement in America.

Trump has always received minimal support from African American voters with his history of racial discrimination by his family’s real estate company. Furthermore, Trump also has a history of rude comments about African Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and Muslims. Trump’s election as a president triggered worry about his racial attitudes than any other presidential aspirant. It is not a mere coincidence that white supremacist organizations like “Klu Klux Klan” and the “Alt Right” were rejoicing after the election of Donald Trump.

Trump Administration’s appointments are a strong indicator for the empowerment in politics of white supremacists and bigots. He is, in fact, the last man standing between the doors of racial progression in America. After his election as president, law enforcement agencies found a significant increase in hate crimes against religion and ethnic minorities. According to a recent report by Southern Poverty Law Center, there have been more than 437 cases of “hateful intimidation and harassment” which include hate crimes against Blacks, Muslims, Women, and Immigrants.

Donald Trump’s campaign is considered one of the most racist campaigns in the history of America. Moreover, his actions abrade a dark history that America has been working on from years. Donald Trump’s white supremacist ideology has empowered people who feel it’s fine to express forms of racism and sexism.

Nominations of people like Jeff Sessions as Attorney General who has a history of hurtful racial comments and other white supremacists leaders pose a direct threat to civil rights, voting rights, immigration and race relations.

The appointments of these white supremacists leaders like Richard Spencer, Stephen Bannon and the present political environment give an awful feeling about the fragility of racial progress in America. Moreover, Trump is known for making racist comments to the extent that he referred to Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals”. Also Trump believes in complete banning the entry of Muslims in America. All these actions will further divide an already polarized nation. Despite the important gains of black Americans over the past decades which include the era of Barack Obama, the USA is believed to take a reverse turn. Last but not the least the country should not turn away from history’s mistakes and must try to bring racial realities in line with racial aspirations.


Author Bio – Mr Shubham Malik is a formal content writer at Sharda University, a multi-cultural university that supports community welfare. The writer has keen interest in Politics and Global Trends.


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