By Russell Morris


“Three wishes
i can easily satisfy
and many many more.
I can show you how.
Do you want to see?”
It was many years ago when Silvio said this
to the little girl, Angel.

This article is about money.
Tightening the budget
and taking the routine approach is…
just routine.
There are better ways.
Like joining The Demurrage Gang.

Evil may not ever go away completely
but when we declare demurrage on money
(The US dollar for starters)
we will easily
be able to manage it.

It does not pay
to invest money which melts; ice money
into harmful, destructive, meaningless activity.

As the camel passes through the eye of the needle,
so we shall Qi Gong
through The Money Gate.

This means
we must have a conversation
with them
about money.
An exchange of words.

Of course they
will want to win this game, (short pause)
Nobody ever
finally wins though. (pause)
But players do fall out. (one more pause)

Our Mission
is to save these players…
who want to play,
but for some reason can’t,
or are not allowed.

I’m going to show you
how to defend yourself
with The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth.
This sword has no blood on it.
It sparkles like new
all the time.

They will ask you
“Do you know the value of money?”
Tell them,
“It helps to make the exchange
of our products,
including intellectual property,
easier, faster, and “cheaper”  (more efficient).
Check to see what your breathing is doing.
Keep listening,
NOT being drawn in
or put under their Spell.

In your mind
think “price”.
This will counteract The Spell.
In the end “price” is what matters.
NOT value.
Value is a phantom.
It is a ghost.
Don’t let it lead you astray.

If it is money you want (and this is a valid request)
there is PLENTY around.
Rather, i should say,
But this money
is of the hoardable kind,
which is
the secret evil magic device
of The Dark Forces
and their Spell bound
It will ALWAYS
end up
back on top  the already
underground mountain of cash paper money
and gold and treasure.

Try asking for a loan of unhoardable
US paper dollars
with demurrage.

Simple postage stamps,
affixed to the original paper dollars
can be used
to pay the demurrage charges
until later.
Talk to President Trump about it.
He knows me.
I am at your service.
Salainte !
Angel NicGillicuddy
Pinocchio gets stuck in a room.
President Trump
is definitely
stuck in a room.

Operation ShiBboLeTh
has already begun.

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