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THe Houthis want PM Basindwa ousted – Al Islah loses its grip

THE LEVANT – Abdel-Malek Al Houthi, the leader of the Houthi – Zaidi faction turned mainstream politics on the wake of Yemen 2011 uprising – has called on all Yemenis to organize large demonstrations calling for the immediate departure from power of Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa.

In a televised speech carried by the group’s Al-Massira channel, Abdul-Malik Al Houthi gave President Abdo Rabbo Mansur Hadi until Friday to sack the coalition government.

Otherwise, he warned without elaborating, “escalatory options” would be considered.

The Zaidi leader accused Basindwa’s government of “incompetence” and making “false” promises, urging members of the army and security forces to join the planned protests and not become “a tool in the hand of a tyrant.”

The government, for its part, has yet to comment on Al-Houthi’s comments.

It is important to note that Al Houthis has quite often and quite openly accused BAsindwa of being one of Al Ahmar’s clan’s pawn. Al Ahmar, one of Yemen most prominent tribal family have close ties to Al Islah, a Sunni radical faction which account within its ranks the Muslim Brotherhood.

Earlier the year, Abdel-Malek Al Houthi accused Al Islah of harbouring Al Qaeda elements within its ranks.

The invitation to demonstrate comes amid fierce clashes in the northern parts of the country between the group on one hand and the army and allied tribes on the other.


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