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The Horror of It All

THE LEVANT  – By Geoffrey Cook – I repose in this thick chilling fog on the edge of the eastern shore of the Pacific Rim.  I, also, rest within a confusing cloud of war at the western precipice of that continent far in the distance.

I recently received a notice concerning a colleague of a colleague, Dr. Mona El-Farra, who is, also, the aunt of the journalist and author, Laila El-Haddad, on whom I wrote my last article for the Islamist.
I have written about Dr. Farra twice previously in other journals due to her relationship to the Berkeley headquartered — where my domicile is, also – Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance which supports her very vital work in Gaza City

Yet, today she is bereaving the martyrdom of nine members of her family.  Five of those slaughtered were the innocents of childhood.  Ten more of Dr. Farrra’s relatives, furthermore, suffered injury and five of those severely.

Their house in the Gazan town of Khan Younis was directly pommeled by a rocket. The surviving inhabitants dashed into the streets. Then a second missive struck the remaining residents as they were fleeing into the streets.

Dr. Mona El-Farra is a prominent Palestinian physician who is the founder and Director of Al Durrah Children’s’ Hospital in Gaza which was destroyed on the 24th of last month by sustained purposeful shelling over a prolonged period on that date.  In this inhumane molestation by the Jewish Moloch, there was loss of life of both staff and patients.  There may be a relation between this destruction as a claimed “military” target, and the seemingly premeditated targeting of the Director’s home.

Dr. El-Farra, who is saintly in her dedication to the impoverished children of her Gaza homeland, is, also, the Health Chair of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society for the Strip. Additionally, she is the Director for the Gaza projects of the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance.

It has taken me so long to write this elegiac dirge of prose because of my profound melancholia of pain over the sorrowful misery of Ms. El-Farra and the entrapped populace on that Mediterranean littoral — ensnared by the Zionist maniacs who have substituted the God of Moses (as) into a god of real estate.

I had been clutching constantly to the Zionist violence of it all.  Yet, here in the Metropolis it was so theoretically intellectual.  Now, the very real blood and flesh is revealed on the hands of the perpetrators and enablers plainly for me.

Let us remember the departed souls of Mona El-Haddad’s family by the repetition of their names:

Abed Almalek Abed Al Salem El-Farra (age 54)
Osamah Abed  Almalek El-Farra (34)
Awatef A’ez Eldeen El-Farra  (29)
Emad El-Farra (28)
Mohamed Mahmoud El-Farra (12)
Nadeen Mahmoud El-Farra (9)
Yara Abed Al Salam El-Farra (8)
Abed Rahaman El-Farra (8)
Lujain Basem El Farra, 4

May they rest in peace!  May all in the greater massacre, also, reside in patience for the Resurrection (Yawn al-Qiyamah) with them!

May they inhabit Paradise as the guilty meet their punishment!

May this fog of War lift!


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