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Holy Money Meeting

Angel NicGillicuddy is making her way back to the cave
which she visited previously in her adventures.
* see the article;
Preliminary Meeting and The Settlement (part two)She is going there
for The Holy Meeting
about Money.
The goal;
exactly how to word
The Proclamation
to declare demurrage on The US dollar
or else
The Churches,
will begin using
Church Money with demurrage;
an Official Order
breaking The Spell
and making this Beast
at last

We understand that
this is NOT
something which The Governments
are able to do.
It would be like asking
the patient
to operate on himself.

The Churches
must be the one
to make the initial incision.
Trump and Team,
are standing by
to help navigate
the next steps.
And we shall be on our way,
on course
and with a good Captain
to make sure
that we always are following
The True North Star
when it comes to economics;
The Natural Economic Order.

The Black Barracuda
has once again
brought Angel NicGillicuddy
out into the desert
dropping her off
at the trail
leading to ….
not just any old cave.
In this cave
you can find
the hidden magical city
The Money Gate is located.

Even before she gets close to the cave entrance
she can hear beautiful chanting
coming from ALOT of people:
“Declare demurrage
on The US dollar
Declare demurrage on The US dollar
Declare demurrage on The US dollar
Thank you thank you thank you thank you”.
It was beautiful.
They sang it over and over,
the sound floating out
and across the wide desert.

When this happens
you will see
A Great Flood
of Cash Paper Money
from Syria.
And what you do not see
rising from Syria
you can find it deep in a cave
in the country called

Next will be
The Basic Income with demurrage
in these two countries;
Syria and Haiti.

The Church is The One
to launch our Transformation
by using
Church Money with demurrage
to finance
The Basic Income with Demurrage
in these two countries,
more will join quickly.
It is an investment
in The Workers
The Abraham Accords.
Then you will see
much greater than those performed by
just like He said.

Baghdadi knew what he was doing
when he blew up the entrance to the cave.
He was defending, protecting
The Cash Paper US dollars
Secret Leverage Device.
His life did not matter,
because the weapon that he was defending
transcends time. (It is hoardable money)

But it can be dismantled,
and disabled
by declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
by using
Church Money with demurrage.
Thank you
Guardian Angels
Silvio Gesell
Hugo R. Fack
Philip Pye

Angel continues on her way
to the cave,
and The Holy Money Meeting.

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