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The Holy Grail

By Kevin Galalae –

Controlling human life on the planet

A flood of revelations hit me a few days ago.  Their significance will undoubtedly change society and ultimately history.  To help you follow my thought processes I will write them down in the order my mind unraveled them by going backwards in time.  I shall find a more cursive, structured and elegant form at a later date, if time and circumstances will allow me the luxury.

In writing my letters to heads of state for the past two months it has become clear to me that in every country the population control effort invariably leads back to the Ministry of Health as the coordinating agency at the national level and to the World Health Organization (WHO) and its smaller sister the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) as the international coordinating institutions.

Why?  Because procreation is a biological problem doctors and dentists were called in to help solve it.  Doctors have always had to clean up people’s reproductive mistakes and get rid of unwanted fetuses.  After all, they deliver babies into the world, perform abortions and distribute contraceptives.  They are, so to say, the front line in the war against fertility.

But reproduction is not a problem for medical science to solve but for social science.  Doctors interfere with the people’s reproductive systems not because they malfunction, but because they function all too well and the human species multiplies too fast.  Doctors have taken on this role because social scientists are at a loss of how to solve the problem of uncontrolled fertility and because politicians will not touch it.  And doctors, in order to fulfill their professional oath and do no harm, or at the very least do as little harm as possible, have arrived at the conclusion that the best and most humane way to control population growth is to prevent the moment of conception, which they do by injecting the people of the developing world with sterilizing vaccines and surrounding the people of the developed world with endocrine disruptors (fluoride, bisphenol A, artificial sweeteners).  GMOs and chemtrails complete the job.

Doctors have to play God to save lives, but they cannot be allowed to play God to harm life so as to save society.  Yet that is exactly what they are doing in contravention of the Hippocratic Oath. They are doing this as part and parcel of their secret mandate given by religious and political authorities to help humanity escape the cycle of poverty and war so as to maintain social stability.  That is how the medical Mafia came to be and why the pharmaceutical industry has grown so mighty and wealthy.

It is ironic that I, a doctor’s son, should reveal this inconvenient truth and in so doing break the back of the medical Mafia that my father, an internist, never tired of telling me about in whispering tones when I was a child and accompanied him bright-eyed and full of admiration on house calls.

But doctors were not the first to take up the fight against human fertility.  Medicine itself is the progeny of religion in the Christian world and to this day a great proportion of hospitals and universities are owned and operated by various Christian denominations, Catholicism being by far the leading one.  Until the Age of Enlightenment and even much later, almost until the end of the nineteenth century, the entire education and health systems were firmly in the grip of the Church.

The International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has made startling revelations over the past five years of the countless babies and children that were murdered by religious establishments.  Lime pits containing the remains of fetuses, infants and children have been found on the properties of nunneries, convents and religious schools around the world.  They were either the aborted fetuses of nuns, who engaged in sexual acts with priests, or the bodies of children born out of wedlock and of orphans and abandoned children at a time in the West’s history when population growth was suppressed by making sexual intercourse outside marriage a social crime and by depriving women of the right and the means to raise their children.  The women were instead forced to abandon their children to the Church and the Church took care of as many as it could in its institutions and killed the rest.

The ITCCS has also exposed the murder of countless native children in schools ran by various Christian denominations throughout the Commonwealth nations of the former British Empire, a genocide committed to free the land for European settlers.  The Americas were cleansed of natives so the heathen could be replaced by God-fearing Christians.  Much the same has happened on all other continents to satiate European greed and aggression, but more than anything to alleviate the pressures of overpopulation on the European continent.

If the Church committed these heinous crimes with full social approval until the middle of the 20th century, when its power was but a shadow of its former self, what did it do in previous centuries when it had total control over society as a temporal and religious power?  How did societies in past centuries combat human fertility to ensure they do not outgrow food production and end up in famine and war?

Clearly, the Christian world was the first to escape the scourge of poverty and to produce enough surplus food to enable technical and scientific progress long before the Industrial Revolution began around 1760 in the United Kingdom.  This leap forward cannot be attributed to the superior intelligence of Caucasians, since no race has a monopoly on intelligence, but rather to the early suppression of human fertility and population growth, which enabled the production of surplus food that in turn made greater professional specialization and greater concentrations of wealth possible; these being the precursors of peace and stability that alone can enable social, technological and scientific evolution, in other words our continuing evolution.

In asking myself these questions it dawned on me that monasticism, the plagues, and later the Inquisition and even the flu pandemic of 1918, were the Church’s earlier methods of controlling population to save Europe from famine and war and pave the way towards an ever higher level of civilization; an escape from the cycle of poverty and war, the prison created by unrelenting and unrestricted human procreation and the bitter struggle for existence they engender in a finite world where human beings have always had to go to extraordinary lengths to earn their creature comforts.

By persuading a large proportion of the population that celibacy is a necessary precondition of service to God and far more desirable than marriage, family life and child-bearing, and by enshrining the desirability of abstinence, obedience, humility and poverty in canon law, the Catholic Church found a rather elegant way to prevent millions of men and women from making use of their reproductive organs and from exercising their God-given reproductive rights thus effectively suppressing population growth to a significant degree.

If not religious fervor then economic pressures often caused by land shortage forced many parents to give at least one child to the Church who, if a woman, would be promptly cloistered as a nun in convents and nunneries and would never experience the joy of motherhood, and if a man would become clergy and be bound by chastity and never experience the joy of fatherhood.  The more men fell in war or joined the Church to become clergymen the more women would have to be condemned to a monastic life, more often than not against their will, as they would have remained unmarried anyhow due to a shortage of men.  Monasticism therefore was not only a mode of suppressing population growth but also of restoring the balance of numbers between men and women in society, which was crucially important at a time and in a culture that prohibited both children out of wedlock and polygamy.

Outside the Church society employed chastity belts to keep both men and women virgin, thus help them abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage.  Elsewhere in the world a good proportion of the men were castrated and an equivalent number of women confined to harems not to indulge the sexual phantasies of the rich, for a single man cannot possibly satisfy more than a woman or two, but to be kept sex starved and childless for the rest of their lives, which is why the harems were guarded by eunuchs.

From the 14th century onward, Europe was devastated by recurrent outbreaks of the bubonic plague, which came to be known as the Black Death because it caused necrosis and turned fingers, toes, noses and ears pitch black and putrid.  I contend that the Church recognized the evangelizing, economic and ultimately demographic potential of the plague in the aftermath of the Plague of Justinian, which hit the Byzantine Empire in the sixth century A.D. and was Christendom’s first encounter with this terrible disease.

At first, the Church would have used the plague as a way to concentrate more wealth and land in its own hands, undoubtedly to be able to care for the poor that kept being dumped at its doors.  Then it recognized the plague’s usefulness as a tool to frighten people to behave and obey lest they offend God and bring down his wrath.  And finally, experience showed that the plague could serve as a very effective tool to preempt famine and war or at least gain a respite from them to enable society to progress.  In other words, greed and piety have driven the depopulation effort all the same and in the process enrich Christendom by redistributing wealth in fewer hands in the aftermath of a pandemic that invariably killed a third to half the population.

There are many indicators that point to the plague as a depopulation tool deliberately used by the Church.  First, epidemiological accounts cannot explain the rapid spread and high mortality rate of the plague pandemics that ravaged Europe from the 14th to the 19th centuries.  Secondly, although the disease purportedly originated in the Orient it had by far the highest mortality rate in Europe and especially in Italy, France, and Spain, the heart of Catholicism.  Third, the plague came with clockwork regularity every forty years or so to any given place in Christendom and took with it a third to half of the living, concentrating wealth in fewer hands by shaving off the population growth of previous decades.  And fourth, the plague hit densely populated cities and isolated villages with the same fury, which cannot be explained by the disease’s transmission chain.

It spread not because people travelled much in those days, but because monks especially designated for this task would carry rats that harbored the fleas carrying the disease from city to city, town to town and village to village.  The pathogens were brought along with their flee-infested rodent hosts from a hot spot or a breeding ground when the Church deemed the number of people to be too large for the land to feed or as soon as abject poverty showed its ugly teeth.  If the armies of the 14th century knew how to spread the pestilence by catapulting diseased corpses over the fortified walls of besieged towns, an act recorded many times in the annals of history, the Church certainly knew how to spread the disease in a far more inconspicuous way.

The Church was the only organization with the means and the connections necessary to be able to send envoys from country to country and also with a presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, and since the 15th century also the Americas.  The clergy was the only educated segment of the population and merely wearing a habit and carrying a letter of free passage from the Pope or a Cardinal or a Bishop would suffice to grant a monk or a priest the mobility necessary to move across the continent and spread a pathogen when and if needed.

Innumerable church properties throughout Europe would facilitate such travels and provide these itinerant monks with a roof over their heads in every town or village they would need to target.  The Church was also the only organization of the time with the scientific knowledge to use pathogens and their hosts, being the repository of all knowledge in those days, and with the exclusive use of a language, Latin, to be able to pass on a message across the continent without becoming public knowledge, which explains the great secrecy the Church has always shrouded herself in and the bitterness with which it refused the use of vernacular languages for sacred purposes.  Without a universal language reserved only to the clergy, periodic mass killings could not have been committed and kept secret.

I suspect that the Vatican reserved for itself the authority necessary to trigger a mass killing event, since only the Vatican received information from throughout the realm and had a view of when society stood on the brink of famine or war due to population pressures.  The Church did not need statistics for it had confessions to gage the overall material and emotional situation of the people.  Besides, a decision of such horrific consequences would have had to be carried out and be limited to only the highest authority in Christendom, the Pope, with intimate counsel from the Cardinals in the Roman curia.

All traces point to the Dominicans, the so-called Black Friars, as the ones to assume the task of waging biological warfare on the people of Europe for evangelizing, economic and demographic purposes on behalf of Rome.  Being the most highly educated people in Europe, the Dominicans would have figured out that the carrier of the disease was the Oriental rat flea and that these fleas lived up to a year, which made them easy to breed and transport.  Being mendicant, the Dominicans were always on the move and among the people, which means that no one would have been able to trace the infection back to them or suspect them in any way.  Being founded to solve the problems of the burgeoning population of cities, they would have easily recognized the potential of the plague for combatting population growth and instilling the fear of God into the people.  Being fiercely loyal and blindly obedient to the Church and sworn to a life of poverty and sacrifice, they would have not shied away from risking their own lives to carry out God’s work.  Being the Vatican’s most trusted people, they would have not refused to carry out the order to murder millions with the plague just as they did not refuse the task to carry out the Inquisition and torture, burn and kill countless heretics and as many as twenty million witches over the course of six centuries.

More importantly, the Dominicans were established in 1216 to bring about a new kind of order, which sounds awfully close to the New World Order, and a highly developed governmental structure.  They were also the only order universally authorized by the pope to preach, a power formerly reserved to local episcopal authorities but granted only to the Dominicans in 1217 by Pope Honorius III.  Nor did the Dominicans shy away from diabolical cruelty, as they were empowered and authorized in 1252 to use torture by Pope Gregory IX, which they did and earned them the name Domini Canes or Hounds of the Lord.

By the 13th century, the Dominicans were everywhere in Europe, fighting heresy, schisms and paganism, and had missions even in Africa and Asia, far beyond the frontiers of Christendom.  They were also represented in all classes of Christian society and its members have included “popes, cardinals, bishops, legates, inquisitors, confessors of princes, ambassadors, and paciarii (enforcers of the peace decrees by popes or councils)”.  They were in other words ideally established, trained and suited to carry out Rome’s population control edicts.

I am certain that the Secret Vatican Archive has records of all the papal bulls that have ordered such mass killing events throughout the Middle Ages, which is why no one to this day has access to this library.  I am also certain that one of the reasons why the Papal election is kept entirely secret inside the locked Sistine Chapel is because the newly elected Pope would have to declare himself ready and able to the Cardinals present of ordering the death of millions, which is why incidentally, all Cardinals prior to their elevation have to apparently murder an infant in a ritual sacrifice that would prove that individual’s emotional readiness and character strength necessary to trigger the murder of millions of innocents and live with the burden of one’s conscience.

The Church has thus practiced an early form of biological warfare to ensure that Europe’s population stays stable and the people are preserved from the misery of abject poverty and from the suffering of chronic hunger.  The teachings and prescriptions of the Church, which prohibited sexual intercourse out of wedlock, reduced the total fertility rate by postponing marriage and making childbearing legal only for married couples, but this did not stop population growth, it merely slowed it down, which is why periodic mass killings were deemed necessary and were indeed carried out every forty to sixty years from the 14th to the 19th century with the help of the bubonic plague.

Christians are not the only ones to resort to such cruel methods of depopulation.  An equivalent proactive measure of population control was devised by the Aztecs, Mayas and several other pre-Columbian civilizations who practiced human ritual sacrifice of horrific proportions, undoubtedly in order to ensure the population did not outgrow the food supply.  Interestingly, for the Aztecs and the Mayas as for the Europeans it was the high priests who performed the duty of killing countless people to keep society stable, and doing this with their bare hands.  The Egyptians found an even better solution, as they worked countless people to death to build pyramids in the desert, and kept the workers in line by frightening them with periodic human ritual sacrifice performed by the high prists.

Thus throughout human history the task of population control has fallen on or was assumed by religious authorities for the obvious reason that it is a decision of awesome moral weight that could only be performed by human beings strengthened by the assurance of divine approval.  I am certain that to this day, religious authorities give secular authorities the green flag to control population growth and keep a close eye on the methods used to ensure they are as humane as possible.  And the Catholic Church is ideally suited to play this role for the entire world, as it is the oldest institution, with the longest history, and the deepest experience of covert, coercive and involuntary methods of depopulation.

While the plague was used to keep the population stable and prevent famine in Europe, the Inquisition killed millions of women throughout Christendom to keep the balance between the genders and thus not only reduce the number of births but also preserve social harmony.  The enduring preoccupation of the Church with combatting heresy and sin has at its roots the need to control the individual for the sake of society and keeping women in check and both men and women chaste has been key to the population control objective.

Men died in great numbers in conflicts and in war and left behind equally large numbers of women who could not fend for themselves and who would be a burden on the community since women could not possess property and only so many would find domestic employment in the estates of the rich or could secure a place in a convent and dedicate their lives to caring for the poor, the sick and the orphaned.  The poor women the wealthy could not employ, the Church could not absorb within its convents, and the community could not fend for would not only be a material burden because they would have to be fed and housed, but also pose a social threat as they would tempt married men into the sin of adultery and would prostitute themselves to survive or practice black magic to sell potions to the superstitious and illiterate masses in order to eke out a living.

Other cultures and their religions found different solutions.  Islam to this day allows polygamy to give all women a chance to get married, or to remarry should they become widowed, since women always outnumber men in any given population by about 2% and by a lot more in the aftermath of war and as age increases.  Hinduism to this day forces women whose husbands have died to throw themselves on the funeral pyre during the cremation of their husbands’ bodily remains and burn along with their beloved rather than live as widows.  To force women to make such a terrible sacrifice, the act of giving one’s life for her husband is portrayed as an act of piety while the refusal to do it is punished with social exclusion and therefore with death by hunger.

And since men die sooner than women and in greater numbers due to war, heavy labor and accidents, every society will have a surplus of women that would somehow need to be either cared for or be gotten rid of.  Women in Christendom without grownup sons to take care of them, or without the possibility of employment and housing in a wealthy household or shelter in a convent, would more often than not end up being burned as witches.  To preserve its moral authority while committing mass murder the Church needed a plausible pretext.  Heresy and witchcraft gave the Church the pretexts necessary to commit mass murder, while envy and greed among the general population led to constant finger pointing and gave the Inquisitors plenty of victims to burn.

This explains why the Catholic Church has always excluded women from the clergy.  To control women’s wombs is to control society and ensure social stability.  A woman Cardinal would not have agreed to the killing of millions of her sisters by the Inquisition.  And while today the Inquisition is no longer with us, the population control effort is alive and well and women are still key to its success, which is why women have to be excluded from the Roman curia.  Furthermore, every Cardinal is privy to the secret role of the Church and allowing a woman in their ranks would jeopardize the secret.  Woman being the vessel of life the vessel needs to be guarded by man for it is only man who can fill a woman’s vessel and bring life into being.

This act of creation, of male and female unity, which makes life possible, is the Holy Grail.  Preserving the integrity and purity of this act is the Church’s duty, for the quality of life itself depends on it.  But the quality of life depends also on educating the living and to be able to educate the living properly you have to limit the birth of children so as to have enough resources to invest in their education.  Thus, controlling the spread of life to improve the quality of life is part and parcel of the Church’s sacred duty to safeguard life on earth, to safeguard the Holy Grail.  The Church has civilized society by controlling population growth and it does this by keeping life and death in balance; just as God does in nature so the Church does in society. 

The Catholic clergy remains celibate in order to rise above the temptations of the flesh and be able to guard the vessel, thus impose restrictions on human fertility without the personal encumbrance of one’s own struggle with carnal desires.  It would be hypocritical for priests to expect self-control from the faithful without themselves exercising the greatest level of self-control and showing by their example and discipline that it is possible to fight nature and win.  Incidentally, I suspect that the decision to hide the recent abuses perpetrated by aberrant priests on children was motivated in great part by the shame of admitting defeat against carnal desires, which would have shattered Rome’s credibility and weakened the resolve of the rest of the clergy and the ability of the Church to lead humanity by example away from animal instincts and closer to the divine ideal.

The gruesomeness of the method chosen by the Church to kill all excess women was also deliberate.  The Church knew the nature of man better than any other organization and its centuries of attempts to regulate human behavior have brought it to the realization that it is impossible to educate human beings to triumph over their sexual urges and that only fear, terrible fear, would compel men and women to abide by the social taboos imposed on them in order to limit sin and thus human fertility, namely that sexual intercourse is allowed only within the sacred bond of marriage, which only the Church could affirm, and that bastards and the women who bear them are to be excluded from society.  The Church, in other words, had stopped or limited sin and its consequences through fear and social exclusion because human beings at that time did not respond to anything else as promptly as they responded to fear and because no pharmaceutical or medical means to subvert human fertility existed.

Christian society until the Enlightenment, and non-Christian societies to this day (the only large exception being sub-Saharan Africa) have limited human fertility through social taboos to postpone marriage and delay childbirth.  Women were covered from head to toe even in the West to prevent desire and limit sin.  The sight of a bare ankle in Medieval Europe was enough to send a man into flights of sexual fancy.  Islam to this day forces women to cover their entire bodies so as not to entice men to sexual thoughts and thus limit childbirth to married couples only.

Jews and Muslims continue to circumcise men and many Muslim countries circumcise women too in order to lower the enjoyment of the sexual act and thus limit sexual activity and childbearing.  Humanity has been fighting its reproductive urges, with various degrees of success, since times immemorial in order to ensure that there is enough food for everyone and the population does not outgrow the available resources.

Incidentally, the recent accusations levied at Muslims today is a new incarnation of the same tried and tested methods of demonization, exclusion and destruction that the Church has had ten centuries to practice – and has practiced, I must be clear, for the good and not for the ill of the flock in order to compensate for the ignorance and moral lassitude of people – and that western governments have become schooled in by their religious leaders.   Muslims are selectively vilified and demonized so the rest of society comes to fear them, for that is the only way to exclude or marginalize them and in this fashion weaken the faith sufficiently to chip away at the social cohesion that is the fountain of strength for their reluctance to abandon unrestricted procreation and to subject themselves to an earthly authority rather than only to God itself.  Islam, unlike Christianity and Judaism, lacks an ultimate religious authority.  Man prays to God directly and listens to no high priest for no such authority exists in Islam.  Islam provides human beings with an unrestricted and non-monopolized way to God, whereas Christianity does not, for the only way to God, according to Christianity, is through the Church.

Christianity is losing ground to Islam in terms of numbers not because the latter is a more appealing religion, as they are both fruit from the same monotheistic tree, and people rarely leave their faith anyhow, but because Christendom has engaged in population control for the past 1000 years while Islam has not and while Christendom’s population has as a result stopped growing and has in fact been shrinking for the past ten years that of the Muslim world is still rapidly growing.  Paradoxically, Christianity is also losing ground to Islam because of the calcification and degeneration of the pineal gland in westerners due to chronic fluoride poisoning over multiple generations; fluoride being the most effective chemical method of population control used since 1945 throughout the West to subvert fertility under the pretext of improving dental health.  The pineal gland is the window to the soul and there can be no spiritual experience without an intact pineal gland just as there can be no sight without healthy eyes.

This, of course, is just the religious aspect of the current “war” on Islam, which is being justified as a war on Islamic extremism and not on Islam’s conservatism, just as the burning of women was justified as a war on witchcraft and heresy and not as a war on women per se because of their ability to give life.  For in addition to this religious motivation to subject Islam to the same rules as Christendom, as far as population control is concerned, there is the more true and pertinent secular justification provided by the uncontrolled population growth of the Muslim world, where fertility rates are still far above replacement level and where water shortages and a lack of fertile land make the region a food burden on the world and the site of future epic disasters unless the population is stabilized by any means possible as soon as possible.

While Islam’s strict prohibitions on women’s clothing, which must cover every part of the body in order to prevent temptation and thus sin, and on sexual intercourse outside marriage, which is still punished in some countries and regions of the Islamic world by stoning women to death, ensure that children are a privilege allowed only to married couples, which greatly reduces the number of children born into the world, these restrictions have absolutely no effect in reducing the number of children born within marriage.

So the plagues of the Medieval Age were instigated by the Church to lower the population to a level that could be sustained by society’s ability to produce food, facilitating enough surplus to enable social progress and the accumulation of wealth necessary for the building of infrastructure and for the enjoyment of life.  And the cloistering of women in convents and the purges of women carried out by the Inquisition were motivated by the need to keep the genders in balance, keep sin and adultery in check by restricting sexual intercourse and thus childbearing within marriage, therefore limiting the number of children born into the world and free society of excess social baggage, if I may be allowed to view human beings with such dispassionate harshness.   The bottom line is that the Catholic Church took preemptive action to spare greater suffering down the road, maintain social order and kindle and nurture in the souls of men a social conscience.  The Church has since its inception attempted to bring order to the chaos that unregulated human society would become.

The Church has assumed the role of God to ensure harmony in society by keeping life and death in balance, as Nature does.  This is the true role, the sacred duty, and the awesome burden of the Church, which is centrally delegated from the Vatican.  The fact that it has succeeded for so many centuries to keep its role secret while performing the greatest works of social engineering is nothing short of a miracle.  The fact that I, as an individual, am changing the course of humanity by putting an end to a thousand years of secret depopulation efforts by unburdening the Church and empowering humankind to assume the discipline and acquire the wisdom necessary to limit human fertility and safeguard social harmony, for that is what it takes to live in the image of God and advance our civilization to the point where we are no longer animals but angels, is also nothing short of a miracle.

The Church is the first institution to think not as an individual but as a society, to benefit not the individual but society at large and thus accomplish societal goals by inculcating an ethos that compels men to give of themselves rather than take from men by military force the little that they have.  To be able to do this it has always needed to suppress the individual for the collective and to demand total abnegation and blind obedience from its adherents so as to pursue long-term civilizational goals and demand from men extraordinary sacrifices in the name of God and the higher ideals ascribed to God.  Because of its hold on the minds and hearts of men, the Church has succeeded in constructing, expanding, maintaining and perfecting a global governance structure that transcends borders, languages, cultures and governments.  It is the first global unifying force that has not needed military force to expand and hold its domain.  Herein lays the power of the Church, its endurance and the success of Christendom.

The world has been the Church’s petri dish.  Mankind the bacteria swirling on the petri dish.  And the Pope and his Cardinals the scientists who have punished and praised, prodded and forced, enchanted and frightened, nurtured and poisoned the bacteria to forge order out of chaos and to ensure that the bacteria thrives from one generation to the next and that it reaches a state of equilibrium within society to mirror the state of equilibrium God keeps in nature.

The Pope is the only authority to answer to no other earthly authority.  His task is to worry about the equilibrium in the petri dish and to accomplish this divine task, this balancing act of global proportions, he orchestrates and delegates the myriad arms of the Church, both secular and sacred.  Governments are set up to run nations.  Only the Vatican is set up to run mankind. 

The world has yet to create a secular authority that can replace the Vatican, for the simple reason that a secular authority would have to make the same decisions of life and death over the 7 billion souls that the Vatican now makes and the world is uncertain that any other organization, especially a secular one, could do the job more compassionately and gracefully than the Vatican.

Secular governments and private corporations do the actual poisoning of their fellow men but it is the Pope who gives them absolution for their sins, which is why all heads of state come to the Vatican and return to the Vatican again and again to lighten the burden of their consciences. 

Only we, the people, can free ourselves from the benevolent tyranny of the Church without destroying each other.  We can do this simply by living in the image of God and preserving the harmony of his creation.  For in so doing we help the Church fulfill her mission and take away her reason for being. 

Perpetuating the myth of the Holy Grail as a physical object has deflected, confused and confounded its discovery for what it is, namely an abstract concept, the secret of life and control over it. 

The first to discover that human life needs to be limited if humanity is not to destroy itself and all creation are the Hebrews, who then spread throughout the world in order to teach this lesson and thus fulfill their destiny.  The Jewish diaspora was the first entity to erect an international infrastructure so as to control the spread of life on earth and to civilize humanity by enabling accumulations of wealth that in turn enabled progress.  And the Jews worked with the only means at their disposal at that time, war, faith and industry.  To foment war they infiltrated the leadership of every territory they reached and through duplicitous advice and monetary manipulation they caused wars to cull the numbers and keep the human population stable.  But they also created the international monetary system necessary to accumulate and invest capital so as to support high order thinkers and advance knowledge, which in turn enabled progress. 

But the Jews were not sufficient in numbers to be able to control the spread of humanity worldwide so they passed on their faith in one God and their civilizational mission to other tribes by creating Christianity.  Christianity spread the way Judaism could not and engulfed the world.  In time the center of power shifted from Jews to Christians and with it the control over human life on earth shifted too.  For human progress depends on man’s ability to focus hard-earned material wealth into the quality and not the quantity of life on earth, which means that it is necessary to limit the quantity in order to improve the quality of mankind. 

By the end of World War II it was realized that Christianity did not spread fast enough to halt the rapid growth of humanity outside Christendom and that the world could not afford another war as it would end in the destruction of the world by nuclear weapons.  Christianity could not absorb Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism and could therefore not keep human life in balance with nature across the globe.  It therefore became necessary to create a secular organization that could reach where the power of the Church ended, thus beyond the borders of Christendom. 

Jewish and Christian leaders have worked together to create the United Nations and secularize the awesome task of limiting human growth worldwide in order to raise the quality of humanity and preserve God’s harmony.  Since its inception, the UN has brought leaders of all creeds and cultures into the inner circle so as to be able to depopulate and civilize worldwide.

The United Nations and its agencies do now what the Church did in the past, keep life and death in balance in human society, which is why it seeks to bring fertility and mortality rates in perfect balance throughout the world.  God’s work is to maintain balance and in this task death is as valuable as life.  The methods and means the UN, and by extension the Church, uses to maintain balance between life and death are as kind or as brutal as the society itself and the resistance it encounters in any given society as well as the level of development of that society.  These factors dictate the means by which fertility is brought down to replacement level and mortality is either raised or lowered to mirror fertility. 

The machinery of life and death the UN represents was started in 1945 and it is in the meantime self-perpetuating, requiring minor adjustments here and there.  While the Dominicans were in the past responsible for increasing mortality throughout Europe in order to mirror the high fertility of the times, and thus were the mechanics of this machine, that role has passed since 1928 into the hands of Opus Dei.  The State may have separated from the Church, but the Church has not separated from the State. 

There are several reasons why the Dominicans could not resume their historic role, a role they were forced to abandon in 1871 when the Papal State lost its land to the newly formed Italian Republic.  First, the Dominicans had a bad reputation and would no longer have been able to deflect suspicion.  Secondly, as a monastic order they could not penetrate the secular institutions that are now the nuts and bolts of the life and death machine.  And third, their numbers had dwindled. 

Between 1871 and 1945 the world was without a depopulation machine, which is why the population grew too fast and the two world wars came to be.  Shortly after the end of World War I the Church realized that it needs to urgently resume its role as balancer of life and death lest war befalls Europe again and in 1928 it created Opus Dei, which incidentally means God’s Work.  But Opus Dei could not grow fast enough to keep life and death in balance across Europe and thus prevent World War II.  The Church also realized that the world had grown too big for its resources to be able to do God’s Work of balancing life and death across the globe.  A secular organization needed to be created and that is how the UN came to be. 

To be able to control the UN from the outset the Church needed to circumscribe it with rules and legal covenants, as well as transparency and a strict hierarchy that follows orders blindly.  To be able to manipulate the UN the Church needed to remain outside the constraints imposed on the UN and its member states, which is why to this day the Vatican is the only sovereign state out of 196 exiting sovereign nations that belong to the UN.  Yet despite not being a UN member state the Vatican is the only sovereign state to have full observer status in all UN bodies.  The UN is the engine of life and death on the planet but the Vatican is the brain of this engine.  Every UN body answers to another UN body.  The Vatican answers to no one but God.  The bureaucrats and technocrats of the UN, many of whom are doctors, are delegated by remote control, and it is the priests who are their puppet masters. 

Opus Dei was endowed from the outset with all the characteristics necessary to be the invisible mechanic of the UN.  They are a secret organization because they need to operate in the shadows and do what no state or international institution can do: infiltrate, manipulate, sabotage, blackmail, pay off, corrupt, coerce and if need be murder individuals across the planet.  They are an organization of laymen and women because they need to infiltrate, sabotage and manipulate secular institutions without drawing attention to the Vatican.  And they have a global presence because they need to be present globally and apply pressure on individuals when and if needed. 

Opus Dei does what nobody else can or will do to keep the machinery of life and death running smoothly so that human suffering and chaos can be preempted worldwide so long as humanity seeks shelter in ignorance and apathy and refuses to live in the image of God.  Its members are possessed by fanatical dedication to God’s work to compensate for the moral lassitude of the masses that in our secular times has reached the bottom of the pit.  For to improve man you must improve society and to improve society you must improve man. 

Let me now reassess the progression of mankind’s efforts to control human life on earth, which is tantamount to the evolution of man from a lower to a higher being.

The first justification for population control has been to prevent hunger and throughout human history shamans or witch doctors and their chiefs have had to decide when to leave the very young and the very old behind in order to save the rest.  Making life and death decisions for reasons of bare survival has been the inescapable and universal plight of man until roughly the first century before Christ, when the Axial Age gave birth to the first grand religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism) and society became more organized and less chaotic.  By the first century of our era, when Christianity was born, society had evolved into ever greater units, and the primary reason for population control changed, as well as the method, which changed from infanticide to war.  War remained the prevailing method of population control until 1945.

The second historical justification for population control grew out of the first.  It was and continues to be the containment of sin to ensure that people coexist peacefully and society thrives rather than fall victim to the folly of single individuals and their ambitions.  This is when organized religions came to be important and powerful as creators of values and norms to regulate human behavior according to social needs.  This is also the time when religious authorities, which also held nearly absolute secular power, decided and at times dictated who lived and who died.  This period of population control lasted until 1945 and the central agency in the Christian world was the Vatican, which from 1871 onward was gradually forced to cede ground to secular authorities and especially the medical profession, which conceived more elegant ways to control human fertility, namely contraceptives, to replace the brutal methods of the past (monasticism, the plague, the burning of heretics and witches), but had not yet found a way to convince people to use them faithfully.

The third historical justification for population control was provided by the need to preserve the peace at all costs lest we trigger a nuclear war and cause our assured mutual destruction, thus by nuclear deterrence.  This era lasted from 1945 until the end of the 20th century and throughout this time the central agency of population control has been the United Nations, which has received full cooperation and support from the military-industrial complex, health authorities and the three branches of government, the judiciary, the executive and the legislative, where such separations of power exist.  From 1945 until today, human fertility and therefore population growth have been controlled by overt chemical poisoning with fluoride and other endocrine disruptors.  While modern medicine has spared us from war, the plague, monasticism, and mass burnings, it has caused all the modern illnesses we now suffer and die from: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative illnesses, immunodeficiency illnesses, developmental illnesses, and in the process has undermined the genetic and intellectual endowment of man.

The newest justification for population control is the threat we pose to the environment and our impending demise unless we stop global warming by reducing anthropogenic or man-made greenhouse gas emissions.  We are in the midst of this era, which was jumpstarted in the year 2001 with the 9/11 false flag event.   The UN and its agencies, thanks to my success in destroying the secrecy and deception they have needed to proceed with the depopulation effort undisturbed through covert genocide, will now have to cede ground to an enlightened humankind if we are to preserve the peace and survive into the future.

Covert genocide is no longer an option.  Instead of governments sacrificing our fertility and longevity for the greater good they must give us the knowledge and tools necessary so that we sacrifice our reproductive rights voluntarily by exercising self-control until such time as the demographic transition is completed, replacement level fertility is enshrined in our moral code and humanity is no longer plagued by resource scarcity and the social, economic and political pressures resource scarcity engenders.  That will allow us to coexist peacefully with one another and with all life on earth.  Civilization will then be able to continue to evolve without destroying the natural environment.  Human life and our civilization will thus be able to reach a symbiotic relationship with all life on earth.

All justifications for population control continue to this day unabated and are equally valid now as when they were first recognized and acted upon.  Small and isolated communities throughout the world that practice subsistence farming, as well as tribes that live in remote and inaccessible places in the Amazon, the Congo and the jungles of South East Asia, still practice infanticide, matricide and patricide as forms of population control out of dire material necessity, when there is not enough food to go around.  The Church is still involved in population control as part and parcel of its enduring struggle against sin and its valiant attempt to get man to rise to the purity of spirit, selflessness and discipline necessary to control his animal drives for the sake of social wellbeing.  The military-industrial complex still needs to prevent nuclear war and thus continues to preserve the peace through covert population control, the only substitute to war available to us.  Scientists and doctors are involved in population control by providing the manpower, the technology and the medicines necessary to subvert human fertility until such time as a biological “cure” is found or a political fix is agreed upon to address our socially undesirable and environmentally unsustainable reproductive abilities.  Environmentalists are involved because they want to save the planet and all other life forms from the human scourge and that can only happen if humankind gives back the land to Nature so that all other species can thrive too.  Economists are involved because they know that social and economic progress can only be facilitated if replacement level fertility stops us from chasing our own tails.  And politicians are involved to maintain social order and stability by the easiest method possible, which is the covert destruction of human fertility.

But none of these contenders, except a select few, understand the bigger picture, the Holy Grail: that the integrity of life must be preserved even as we limit human life on earth so as to advance our civilization to a degree high enough to live in symbiosis with nature without being at its mercy.  Only the Church understands this, which is why it insists on preventing the moment of conception in natural ways and on never interfering with life once it comes into being.  Science has tried to find a way but has failed because preventing the moment of conception safely, without harming the reproductive organs and human health along with it, which over the long term leads to a deterioration of the human genome, is impossible, reproduction being too important to the survival of the species.

One question that has plagued me is when and how did the Church stop being the primary agency of population control and why to this day it remains the moral center of the Global Depopulation Policy.  The only plausible answer for this difficult question is that the Church was sidelined by the medical profession.  Science displaced religion and doctors replaced priests as primary vehicles for the pursuit of social wellbeing and the advancement of civilization.

When the Church and State were separated in 1871, the year the Italian state was formed and the Vatican was deprived of its land holdings and thus of temporal power, the responsibility for population control did not pass from the Church to the State, since the Church kept its secret to itself, and as a result the population exploded leading to two world wars and unprecedented destruction.

I suspect the Church intervened in secular affairs in 1918 out of exasperation from the agony of the First World War and the unprecedented butchery of the trenches, which governments could neither stop nor prevent as they had not yet learned the importance of proactive population control.  To stop the Great War, which by then had taken 20 million lives, the Judeo-Christian leadership decided to reach into its bag of tricks and cause a pandemic that would kill enough able-bodied men and women to rob the war of its fuel, human manpower, before the entire continent was laid to waste.  And that is how the 1918 flu pandemic came to be.

Once again, as with the bubonic plague in the past, several telltale signs indicate the true source and hidden objective of the 1918 flu pandemic.   First, unlike all other flu epidemics, which have a mortality rate of 0.1%, the Spanish flu of 1918 killed 20% of those infected.  Secondly, unlike all other flu epidemics, which kill only those with weak immune systems, the Spanish flu of 1918 killed only those with strong immune systems, thus people in the flower of their lives, because it was designed to stop the war and in order to succeed it had to kill those young and strong enough to fight.  Thirdly, unlike all other influenza outbreaks, which are worse in the winter, the Spanish flu of 1918 was most widespread in the summer and autumn.

In any case, history showed that without a counterbalance to the aggregate impact humanity has on its physical and social environment abject poverty, famine and war are inevitable because human communities invariably outgrow their food its food and people end up killing each other.  Someone therefore has to play God if human civilization, which is an entirely artificial construct, is to know harmony and to survive and thrive.  Nature has God.  Civilization had the Pope and now it has the UN, which is ethically subservient to the Pope and financially subservient to nation states, an arrangement that is inefficient because the system is schizophrenic and forced to work by secret methods that are more destructive than constructive.

I am the first to understand and to openly insist that the sanctity of life and the evolution of human civilization can only be accomplished by disempowering the institutions in control of life and empowering the individual, all individuals, so fertility is controlled at source by preventing the moment of conception through appropriate behavior and barrier contraceptives, these being the only ways possible to preserve the integrity of life, and this being necessary if we are to reduce the footprint of our civilization to a size that does not harm nature. 

From the end of the Inquisition until 1945 deliberate attempts at population control were restricted to social prescriptions about delayed marriage, delayed childbirth until marriage and acceptable childbirth only within marriage, which is why this period saw the most devastating wars.  Without deliberate mass killing to prevent resource scarcity, population growth was stopped through wars which grew longer and more brutal and culminated in the devastating destruction of World War I and World War II, which together killed more than 80 million people.

Faced with the possibility of nuclear annihilation the State reached out to the Church, or the Church reached out to the State, and covert population measures were reinstated in 1945 under the coordination of the UN and the tutelage of the Vatican.  Water, salt, milk and dental fluoridation were used consistently throughout the developed world since 1945 to lower fertility down to replacement level, which is why the population of the developed world has grown during this time only minimally, has peaked a decade ago, and is now in decline.

The UN was created to reach beyond the religious divide and impose on the entire world methods of population control devised and justified by the Christian world so as to impart on the non-Christian world the wisdom and strength necessary to also escape the clutches of Nature, thus the cycle of poverty, famine and war.

The Vatican was the first to marry science and religion to make science serve a transformational role for society.  But science got away from the controlling agency of religion and doctors displaced priests as the agents of mass sterilization for population control purposes, and thus as the overseers of  peace and security, as enablers of civilization.

What started as an effort by people of faith to help humanity escape the imprisoning cycle of violence and retribution, desire and sin, want and poverty, greed and war, has evolved into a dispassionate, cold and scientific program of depopulation with an ever increasing arsenal of population control methods and an ever more brutal and all-encompassing scope to shorten lives and prevent births across the world.

I do not dispute the fact that there can be no sustainability and therefore no future without replacement level fertility.  Instituting it is an inevitable next step in the evolution of man, of all men, and an unavoidable step for the survival of mankind, far greater in importance than setting foot on the moon or interstellar travel if we shall ever get that far.

While all religions have found ways to alleviate individual suffering only the Catholic Church, and prior to it the Jewish diaspora, created the institutional infrastructure and the justifications necessary to alleviate social suffering by committing mass murder as a preemptive action for greater and uncontrolled social suffering and thus advance not only individual but also social wellbeing, allowing human civilization to progress.

The baton of the early Catholic effort in social engineering was passed on to the medical profession and science has continued what religion gave up or lost to science.  The dispassionate crimes being committed against man and Nature by the wielders of science and medicine today, whose justification for their interference with Nature is that man must conquer his animal urges if he is to live within the world’s material limitations and alleviate suffering, cannot be allowed to continue if we are to survive into the future.

The separation of Church and State deprived the Church of ultimate say and forced it to give up control of society to secular authorities.  In secular states doctors and scientists have assumed the mantle of population controllers and have devised medical gadgets (condoms, IUDs, implants) and pharmacological means (the pill, sterilizing vaccines, hormonal treatments), as well as fertility depressing poisons (fluoride, bisphenol A, artificial sweeteners) to prevent the moment of conception and to perform surgical interventions to abort children if their birth is unwanted.  They are aided by psychosocial and economic methods of population control, accomplished by the manipulation of capital, information, laws, and executive power, manipulations that lead back to the financial prowess of Jews and the moral and military power of Christians, the two historical factions to have first recognized the importance of limiting life to improve living.

By barring doctors from interfering with life once the moment of conception has taken place, the priests have tied the hands of medicine and have forced doctors to concentrate their efforts on preventing the moment of conception from taking place, which is why westerners, and in the meantime much of the world, are being poisoned since 1945 with endocrine disruptors that are inserted in water, food, beverages and dental as well as cosmetic products so as to turn the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility and mass morbidity and in this fashion bring the number of births and the number of deaths in equilibrium, which results in a stable population.

By its methodology, medicine has placed the burden of population control on the unborn, to the disapproval of the Church, which had placed the burden on the adult population, partly due to the lack of contraceptive methods but mostly due to ethical considerations that must rightly apportion the responsibility for desirable social outcomes on adults by calling upon them to control their reproductive urges on not on the unborn by preventing them from being born.  But the Church does not allow people to use contraceptives thus creating a need for covert methods of population control and therefore for its continuous existence and power.

While secular and religious authorities fight about control of the depopulation effort and about methods and justifications, we, the people, continue to be treated as nothing more than cattle, at best pets, and at worse pests, with dire consequences on our genetic and intellectual endowment and with even greater consequences on our rights and liberties and the viability and legitimacy of the social contract.

We must destroy all existing power structures, religious and secular, and reconstruct them from the ground up before they kill us all and in the process eviscerate our humanity and our potential.  This conclusion is rooted in the realization that the instinct to procreate cannot be undermined in secret without causing great and irreparable harm to the entire human organism and to the entire social structure.  As such, all human beings must learn and be empowered to limit their own fertility.

Yet those who yield control over the existing power structures are not willing to give up their positions of authority and privilege to enable this radical change, which means that we must take both their authority and privileges away from them by force if we are to save our children and the planet from their ineptitude and greed.

That people are ready to assume responsibility over the Holy Grail by exercising control over their reproductive systems is amply demonstrated by my own example, for I arrived at the wisdom to understand the social necessity of this simple act of personal sacrifice despite the mighty walls erected by our leaders, both religious and secular, to keep us ignorant, weak, and helpless.

Thus the only impediments to progress and salvation are not the people but our leaders, not our ignorance but their self-interest, and no longer our animal urges but our institutions, both secular and sacred, who are reluctant to tell us the secret of harmony because that is the source of their temporal power and the fountain of their earthly privileges.

The Church moved out of the way peacefully.  The UN must move out of our way peacefully for the sake of human progress.

The enticing element the Church used to demand sacrifices in this life and blind obedience from its people was and continues to be the promise of heavenly rewards in the afterlife and the satisfaction of doing God’s work, though not the privilege of knowing what that truly is.  The enticing element the UN and nation states use to demand the time and services as well as the abandonment of conscience from its civil servants and its citizens is financial reward and thus social inclusion and status, but still not the privilege of knowing the ultimate purpose of the system.  Both the Church and the UN, thus the sacred and the secular efforts of safeguarding the Holy Grail, have reached their limits.  The Kingdom of God can only be accomplished on earth if people, all people, live in the image of God, and for all people to live in the image of God they must understand that all of us carry the Holy Grail within us but that only when all of us revere life and restrict it can humanity reach a state of harmony within itself and with nature.

To complete our civilization we must make the leap from involuntary sacrifice to voluntary self-sacrifice.  Until now we have been sacrificed by our leaders.  From now on we must sacrifice for mankind and for the sanctity of life. 

The days of humility and blind obedience are over. What is called for now is courage and kindness so that faith and reason can be revealed by our actions. 

The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you.

Open your heart and it reveals itself.



P.S. In my next article I believe I can prove the existence of God.

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