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Holocaust in Gaza – Fatah denounces

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – Israel’s army perpetrated yesterday July 20, 2014 a horrible crime against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. In the center of Gaza and in the most populated quarter of Shajaeyah Israel’s heroic army killed in ruthless random shelling from land, sea and air more than 70 Palestinian civilians and injured more than 400 in one single attack. Corpses of women, children and elderly people were seen lying dead in the rubble of the Shajaeyah streets. Horrified Palestinian civilians were seen running in the streets in search for refuge or shelter to save their miserable lives. Netanyahu and his Army Chief can boast to have registered the highest number of Palestinian casualties in one single day. Moreover, Israel can boast of preventing International Red Cross cars and ambulances to save the wounded.

During the dark Sunday of July 20, 2014 Israel’s “heroic” war machine killed more than 110 Palestinians and injured around 500 civilians. Such brutality is reminiscent to the Vietnam War when the U.S. War machine targeted Vietnamese civilians in order to exert pressure on the Vietnamese military and political leadership to force them to bow to U.S. conditions. In Palestine, Israel is following on the footsteps of the defeated American Army in Vietnam. Israeli military logic believes that with the use of excessive killing Palestinians will bow to their conditions and revolt against their own leadership. Israel’s military mind believes that such ruthlessness and the excessive use of force will push Palestinians to capitulate and accept living forever under Israel’s “benevolent” colonization and occupation and abandon their rights for freedom, self-determination and statehood.

Israel that claims to represent the victims of Nazi holocaust in Germany seven decades ago is perpetrating similar crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians. With such brutality Israel believes to achieve political ends. Israel’s leaders are better advised to make peace with their Palestinian neighbors and withdraw from the occupied territories and recognize the Palestinian reality. Yet, Israel wants the whole world to believe that Palestinian territories are disputed territories and not stolen or occupied Palestinian territories. To materialize its goals Israel is using the protection and shameful U.S. Vetoes of their U.S. masters to escape International Court of Justice and International Criminal Courts, but the day will come when all those criminals and their supporters will be prosecuted in fair trials. The massacre of Palestinian Women and children shouldn’t pass with impunity.

International relations commission – Fatah – Ramallah 21.2.2012

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