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Hochstein may head back to Beirut soon

U.S. energy mediator Amos Hochstein may visit Beirut within two weeks, amid reports of progress in the file of sea border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel.

“A U.S. endeavor will kick off within the next two weeks, through an expected visit by U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein aimed at reviving the negotiations,” Lebanon’s al-Binaa newspaper reported on Monday.

“A solution will be eventually reached, seeing as the intersection of interests among major powers will impose a solution on Lebanon and Israel, especially that the U.S. is giving this file great importance as part of its war with Russia,” the daily added.

The report comes two days after General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said that “Lebanon is before a very big chance to regain its wealthiness through the demarcation of the maritime border.”

“I believe we’re only weeks away from achieving this objective,” Ibrahim added.

“I believe that what we will reach as to border demarcation is less than a right but rather a settlement. Unfortunately, the international and regional circumstances oblige us to reach a settlement, seeing as our right is neither Line 29 nor Line 23, but rather entire Palestine,” Ibrahim said.


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