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Trump advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, plays a very special role in the global health system

‘The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19’ watch the first part of the new documentary for free

Humanity is imprisoned by the Covid-19 pandemic. People are being arrested for sitting on a bench in a park, or hiking with friends in nature. Economies are collapsing, and it will be a matter of weeks before millions of people around the globe will start rioting for food. Mainstream media is misinforming the public on a massive scale by not asking the right questions. This not the synopsis for a new horror movie, but our new reality.

By Arthur Blok
What will the nearby future bring us? It is evident that big Pharma’s and opinion leaders like the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates are pushing for globally mandated vaccines, once available. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work.

John D. Rockefeller
In the early 1900s, America’s first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery.

Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers.

Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller’s secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution (source: plandemicmovie)

Sounds familiar, flash forward to today; the world is under the spell of COVID-19 and a devastating campaign of fear. The World Health Organization, national health bodies and world leaders predicted millions of people would die. Police, and in some nations, the army was heavily employed to enforce corona lockdowns. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid contact.

Wrong decisions
So far most of it seemed unnecessary. The draconian decisions were mostly taken on fear and the wrong advice, not on validated scientific data. Finally scientists and doctors are standing up, and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned.

While being in lockdown at home, overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves. In a new documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 Plandemic exposed the scientific and political elite who run the global health system. Prior to the completion of the full-length documentary Plandemic released the first installment featuring renowned scientist, Judy Mikovits PHD.

Judge by yourself, but remember ‘once you have seen it, you can’t unsee’.

WORKING LINK ! (Within 24 hours the video was removed by YouTube)

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  1. Who produced this video?

    • Dear Nate, as explained in the last pargraph the title of the video is: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19, by Plandemic. Source is their website: http://www.plandemicmovie.com

      • I’ve watched this several times…and much of what she says makes sense on the surface…yet she is being blasted on social media as on a “Fauci” vendetta to cover up that she was released from her duties due to negligence…and some of her research papers pulled from professional journals due to invalid research methods and/or false results as they cannot be replicated…anyone have anything that can refute these allegations?…

        • The Film was made to refute that, as more of it is released the more we’ll know. The sheep wanting to keep their blinders on will attack others with assumptions to do so, sad isn’t it.

          The arrest without charges shows the underhanded way she was treated and slandered to keep the secrets about Fauci and his patents for wealth mania.

          It will continue, all whistleblowers get the shaft regardless of the lie that the Govt. wants you to come forward with said info and you’ll be protected.

        • Sherri Munnerlyn

          She is a quack. Pandemics are something mankind has lived with forever. Look at history. We just have to work through this. Conspiracy Theorists are spreading false information that is dangerous. Take the virus seriously keep self and families safe please.

    • Trump re-election campaign

      • Jennifer Mcleod

        We are able to share everything out of the norm on FACEBOOK so why no 1 have this up….and yessssss I shear the NURSE her in N.Y who kinder say the same thing here but more none medical turms

      • Verna Carpenter

        It’s not about Trump! It’s about corruption in government and censorship! Shame on YouTube for taking this video down. We all know corruption is rampant in government. In this case, certainly very profitable for high medical government officials who first collaborate on creating a virus, then profit for creating a vaccine. Whether that vaccine will be adequately tested, much less effective. We do need to repeal the ruling that any government funded research (paid for by taxes) cannot hold the IP. Certainly not Fauci lead organizations!

      • This isn’t about the current administrations re-election campaign, if anything this has hurt it. I have said for many years that the only difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party is how fast the U. S. A. goes downhill. I think now, they are working separately together to bring us down.

        • Why do these videos continuously get taken down ? Are they afraid that the people will know the truth behind this ? No instead you just report the fake news and let us view what you want us to see instead of letting we the people think for ourselves. Where is the freedom in this ? This is America and we the people have the right to know the truth.

        • Terry
          …separately and together…, you made me laugh today, funny.

      • Yes. The Trump Campaign paid for this. And it’s true because you said so. ?

      • Caridad Armbruster

        Too many uneducated, not thinking people…
        “the useful idiots” just cannot see beyond what the media inculcate in their brains.
        Google, Twitter, Facebook, Media
        they want to “think & decide for us” and tell us what is “good” for us.

        • Obviously you are an intellectual giant. Thomas Jefferson said I would rather have a bad government with a free press then a good government without one. The press is there to inform you the people. The proliferation of social media today gives people like you the ability to spread lies and reach many despite no credentials or exceptional knowledge on your part. That is the real problem. The solution is to check the background , credentials and agendas of where your information is coming from.

      • Caridad Armbruster

        He wants us to “stay home” while he is still getting paid over $400,00 for talking and selling us to China!
        YES!! let us ruin the US economy. Who will that benefit?
        Why are the Dem run states so hard handed, abusing people’s rights & prolonging the “lock down?”

      • People are manipulated by those that have the resources to tell a narrative that fits. The real power comes when enough influential groups express that its for the good of everyone. The name calling commences, the derogatory innuendos, and the word ‘conspiracy’ is used to discredit anything other than what the ‘do Gooders ?????. The bite of the apple, the marquee of Microsoft. Anybody other than Zi ever wander why that was their mark???

    • If you think you are living in a free society just try to find “Plandemic” online.

  2. Karen Markovitz

    It makes total sense. $ has always been hand in hand with power.
    So much of this us been hinted at, including the U.S.
    Involvement with lab in China. Several times was mentioned
    & then just dropped by news media.

  3. I think this is Trump Propaganda to discredit Faucci. Some of the big pharm stuff is true but the rest is fake news. Trump wants everyone back out in the streets to save the economy. He also wants to fire Faucci.

    • Faucci should be fired and put in prison. Anyone and everyone that is involved with this should be sent to prison and have the death penalty for all the lives they took from this virus. Rich ass holes.

    • How does a highly accomplished scientists get discredited. They had a whole swat team at her house as if she was ready to blow up the planet. People should open their eyes and see this as a political hit job. We are already seeing it with the FBI and it’s FISA abuse.

      I have family in Australia and Italy. Hydroxychloroquine is the drug of choice to treat Covid -19. Tom Hanks and his wife were given this drug in Australia. I have a feeling it’s being pushed aside because it’s a generic drug and nobody is making money on it.

    • That’s exactly what the politicians want you to believe. You are a moron, while they kill our families and rob our savings, put our businesses out of business and tax our balls off us.

    • Nice to financially independent and not need an income. Fauci is evil, works with the head of WHO who in turn works directly with China. Fauci also predicted, years before either happened, Covid and AIDS. Gee, unless he’s God, how did he know about that?

    • Your an absolute idiot!!!! Grow up and educate urself. Trump is the only reason we may come out of all this and you need to respect your leader and thank him for doing whats right. He has no agenda to do such things like u say. He is here for the people and has no win from any of this. Day in and out he takes abuse and we are given false facts about him yet u know his agenda. Get a life man. Go to another country if u hate it so much. Damn!!!

  4. JoeBobby Dipthong

    I beleive every single word

  5. Why was it removed ? Am I too dumb to view this rationally and make up my own mind?Was it inciting violence ? Pornographic? Or maybe true?

    • It’s removed because “they” don’t want you to hear opposing thoughts.

      This is not how a free Society or America acts.

      Our county is in trouble.

      • Actually it keeps getting removed because it contains copyrighted material that was used without proper licensing. If they either replaced the offending footage or licensed it properly it wouldn’t have been taken down… but then if it wasn’t taken down all of you conspiracy theorists wouldn’t think it was provocative. But I guess that was their “plan” all along.

        • I guess I’m interested in how could you possibly know she didn’t have proper licensing?

        • I guess I’m interested in finding out how are you know it wasn’t properly licensed. I’m on the fence, because as far as my research indicates there’s a lot of truth to some of the things she says. So how do you know it wasn’t properly licensed?

          • Gabriela Fuller

            Before I watched the video, I was thinkink and was asking my self the same questions about what is happening. You dont have to watch a video like this to be able to use common sense and see that something is totally wrong!!!!!!! Lets use our common sense people. Listen to the people that are working with the patients. The doctors that re saying something is not right.

  6. Will Fauci be asked about these topics when the Senate question s him ? Do any Senators have the guts to bring it up? Who is running our country? I thought I liked and respected Donald Trump, are these Dr.’s lying? Is Trump ignorant of this? I have questions that need answers. I’m Appalled this is my country but what have the people that run it become? They appear to be Traitors! What can a citizen that loves this country do? Sure can’t vote Democrat, can’t hardly stand to vote republican either.
    We need a new constitutional party.

    • Yes! I too feel like I cannot trust any of these leaders whether they be Dem or Rep. It leaves a person lost. I don’t like where this country is going and certainly don’t like what’s been going on behind the scenes. You can’t trust anyone. I don’t know how much of this is truth and what’s false buy that is true with about everything these days. Nobody up the “ladder” is concerned about the common man. That includes Trump and it includes Joe Biden. Ugh

    • Nancy Pelosi is in the picture with Fauci

  7. Made for trump supporters. This is all re-elect trump propaganda and not a scintilla of truth. I never could have imagined that 40% of Americans could be so ignorant!

    • That’s what they think about you all. But you’ll be surprised to learn it’s not 40% it’s like 50 or more.

      You all follow the Clintons or Obama or even the Bushes. All of them are millions of times worse then Trump. They just speak well and learned how to hide their Narcissism . They were Just better politicians and all of them sold out America. The verdict is still out on Trump, my guess is he will Not sell out America.

      You turn to “this Is for the Trump people “ but you ignore all the doctors that are saying that the advice is bad in fact it will kill more people.

      You can live your life crying “It’s Trump” but the Science is not right. Just research for yourself. There is no connection to the doctors on this video and Trump.
      People who do that are so fixated on Trump hate that they can’t see the truth. The USA is. Now the USSA NO more bill of rights. It’s over if people can’t see that. Don’t let them take America rights away!

      • I’m not ignoring any medical opinion, I’m reading and listening to all of it, that’s why I watched this propaganda video also. I read daily across a very vast spectrum of news also. I get the whole picture and I’m able to make up my own mind.

        The science coming out of the presidential of the USA its the one with no medical peer review…bleach? disenfectants? light?

        You are worried about our Bill of Rights? I am, too! I worry about our freedom of speech, a free press in our country and in November free election.

        Covid19 doesn’t care about our Constitution or who wins our 2020 elections. Trump can not make it disappear with his powerful magical thinking nor can he bully it into retirement. Only science with God’s help can do that.

        May God save us from the worst president this great nation has ever had to endure.

        • The fact that you used the term bleach, shows that you are brainwashed, i watched the press conference time and time again to try to see what all the fuss was about. Never does he say to put bleach inside your body. He speaks to someone off camera about a way to “disinfect ” the inside of the body from covid 19, but apparently you dont know how to speak proper english and realize that he didnt say to use disinfectant in your body. I truly hope you can figure out what all is going on before its too late for all of us. I genuinely hope america wakes up and figures out anyone in Washington is not for us the people.

        • Look, you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Trump never said anything about drinking bleach or injecting Lysol… that was all media BULLSHIT for people like you who will swallow ANYTHING that is anti-Trump. The vast majority of people are IDIOTS; that’s why so many in Iran have died from drinking METHANOL… NOT because of a recommendation by Trump. As for the aquarium cleaner and the light? Might want to watch these:

    • Ina, no offense, but you spout off nonsense. This is not Trump propaganda. It is neither Democrat or Republican because both partys would like nothing more than to have the U. S. A. citizens at their beckon cry. If they take your liberties away, if they take away you way of life, and then supplement your income and food, you are dependent upon them, and that, is what they want. Because a population that will follow blindly and not see the problem, is a population that they can manipulate and control.

    • So far I’ve researched some of it. Using snopes, and fact-check.org. No one can accuse Snopes as being pro trump. I doubt your out of hand rejection has any research at all behind it. None. If you had it wouldn’t be so easily dismissed. It’s easier to believe your spoon fed “facts” then do the work of research.

  8. I can’t believe that this video keeps getting removed. Does this not bother anyone? The fact that we are being censored!

  9. Things makes sense but why would Donald trump keep him there when he is ruining the U.S. Economy on his watch? He’s not stupid

    • He’s got an election coming up so he can’t fire Fauci. Stupid people will call trump a murderer for not following Fauci’s agenda because right now he’s the America’s spokesman for health.
      But Just wait till Trump is re-elected. I can’t wait! There will be a lot of people investigated, put in jail ,and fired !! I hope bill gates will be one of those sharks.

  10. I believe all of it. I don’t believe Trump is behind this at all. This has been going on way before Trump. I was always blaming the greedy pharmaceutical companies and our healthcare system but it looks like there’s a lot more behind it than just them. They are just stupid puppets willing to do what their told for some money.

  11. I’m not so sure this is political. Fauci has worked for multiple administrations starting as far back as Reagan.

  12. Seems that the video keeps getting removed to lend it more weight. so many of videos like this questioning this pandemic aren’t removed. To me it’s a smart move to get people more people to watch it rather than less…not saying some of this isn’t true but…

  13. You can no longer download it at the Plandemic website. Please offer it for download here.

  14. I watched the documentary with open eyes she sounds believable but I am not sure when she talks about Italy and the death rate there ?what about England ??????? did they had the same flue vaccine? Or German having more infected people but less people die also. German has had some issue as Italy big elderly population lots of smokers I am not so sure but definitely worth watching

  15. Why is this publisher named “Levant”? Levant is a historically used name for a portion of middle eastern countries along the Mediterranean Sea , mainly Syria. Could it be possible that this content is being used to divide our people so we are an easy target? Too many conspiracies out there to even begin to believe what I don’t experience myself.

  16. I don’t believe it had anything to do with ANY President, when the virus Cov19 first started. I can assume that since Trump shows a disorder behavior and desperation, he is the best candidate to present this hidden agenda master plan. imagine..”best president in history and be re-elected for saving our lives “with the help of mentally insane Fauci at his side and assure us “it will go away” all under control. Well it has gone out of control. IF this vid is all true (Red flag-video is being removed) The bottom line is everyone team red (R) or blue (D) needs to wake up. We shouldn’t have to pick a category, we should pick a president that would help this country across the board whether poor or rich, he/she should be a great leader, advocate, serious (not a bully) and a good speaker (or have a translator). Look around there is chaos happening. Our leader Should be addressing this and put his political agendas aside and state that this behavior is unacceptable and should firmly address with authority. We need to stop separating and giving certain things passes on unlawful acts. What’s wrong is wrong and right is right. Where is the integrity?-now that’s what MAGA.
    We need to change our thought process some have been brainwashed. I know one bad apple spoils a bunch but not all are the same. We have to first remove all the Corruption- those breaking the Constitution- malpractices, political or hidden agendas. We have alot of work to do and so far 4 years doesn’t seem enough it seems to be worst. Be well-wake up!

    • Pattie2, at this point in time, could the same be said of any politician? Think about it. Republican or Democrat – they want you beholding to them so you won’t balk at what they want to do to you. I do not think Trump was behind this but I definitely could be wrong, I do believe however, that politicians are behind it, and they are working towards a World Order. I know, I’m sounding conspiratorial! LOL I think the only reason we are worse right now, is that the Legislature is more about “getting Trump” than it is about helping the people. Democrats want to supplement the Kennedy Center, the NY Opera, The NY Museum; but not one more red cent has been offered to the real need – the people out of work and the true “small” businesses that need the help. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and Schiff all doing their best to derail the President, prop up their pet projects at the taxpayer expense, and are to hell with the little guy because we need to protect the elite pocket books first. American CITIZENS deserve better from BOTH parties!

  17. I would like to know the drug she refers to for autism in the documentary.

  18. Dr. Judy Mikowits’ ‘science’ has been rejected for many years. She has totally false science and her other videos were taken down years ago.

  19. Plandemic is a pretty obvious ploy to sell a book. Mikowits is a failed scientist, nothing more. I am continually surprised at what some people will believe.

  20. The only way to get any information to the people of this country is through media whether it be social media or the good old network media. The media is protected by the 1st amendment and has a duty to inform the American people with the truth of what is happening in our country and abroad. Don’t get me wrong there are news reporters and outlets that are doing there very best to report the truth of matters even if its not what we want to hear. It is the stuff we need to hear that is the hardest to listen to and easist to discredit or block out. But deep down we all know something isnt right with this situation. Look into the 1957 and 68,69 pandemics of influenza that swept the globe and killed over 1.1 million people. No lockdowns or closings or masks or distancing or fear. Then just do a little look into viruses themselves and how they work. Overreporting of covid 19 for medicare reimbursements by hospitals is obviously going on. When someone is put on a ventilator that also includes putting the patient in a medically induced coma of which healthy parients might not recover from… Americans do need a new national party to speak for the people. And to expose the traitors that are embedded in every department of our country, that are working to implement the agenda 21 / 30 UN depopulation plan that you can see at every level in our country and state and community.

  21. Clark Kinnison

    They’ve pulled this video about 100 times.
    Now, Google search, “The Hidden Agenda Behind COVID 19
    you’ll find 100 search pages telling you this is a bogus scientist.
    But, you’ll NOT FIND the video.

    THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES about the voracity of her claims!!!

  22. Seta Stålberg

    I would like to se the interview/documentary once more! I find it very interesting and would like to catch up the parts I didn’t understand fully. Where can I find it again. If someone has an idea please pass it on.

  23. Coming up to August – no food shortages, no silenced opposition voices, no pre-planned vaccine being enforced and no miracle disappearance of the virus – just an increase in cases since so many people blatantly ignore the very real and practical anti-virus advice (including the likes of Trump and Bolsonaro – who have the most deaths between them). Seems that no-one knows what they are talking about except the frontline health professionals who are still fighting this virus. Money is being made by many who make stories and documovies up for the internet while certain governments are more concerned about profiteering from more ineffective drugs – like the useless ones already openly promoted by Swamp-Chump that predictably failed. The cure is in good health and nature – as always.

  24. It seems only the brave frontline health professionals still fighting this virulently incurable, mutating, highly contagious and further-reaching disease know what they are talking about.

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