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Hezbollah support bloc wants Samir Geagea to appear in front of court as requested

Head of Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad has lashed out at Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea for refusing to appear before the Military Court over the deadly Tayyouneh incidents.

“Those who have honor must apologize when they do a mistake. The perpetrator knows that he made a mistake, because he objected against a demo that aimed to change a judge who violated credible conduct in the investigations,” Raad said.

“They objected against those who protested, considering their protest against the judge’s selectivity as an insult against the judiciary, whereas LF party leader Samir Geagea has the right to reject appearing before the Military Court,” the Hizbullah lawmaker added.

“What credibility do you have?” Raad said, addressing Geagea, accusing him of being “a liar whose words contain nonsense.”

“He is insulting the country, not only our (Hizbullah chief) Sayyed (Hassan Nasrallah), while you are doing everything to conceal your lies, racism and fraud,” Raad added.

Moreover, he accused the LF of “refusing the partnership of anyone in this country.”

“Unfortunately, you are the reasons behind this crisis that the country is going through and you are the ones instigating our enemies against us. This is what must be said and we must clarify this truth to the people,” Raad went on to say.

Seven people were killed on October 14 — mostly Hizbullah and Amal Movement members — during a protest organized by the two groups to demand Tarek Bitar, the judge investigating Beirut’s devastating port blast, be removed.

Hizbullah and Amal accused the LF, which supports the probe, of being responsible for sniper fire against the protesters that ignited street clashes. The LF denies the charges.

Fadi Akiki, a representative of the military court, has meanwhile instructed the army intelligence to summon Geagea and take his statement based on information provided by arrested LF supporters.

Twenty-six people were arrested after the violence in the Tayyouneh-Ain al-Remmaneh area, most of them LF supporters. Geagea has denied responsibility for the deaths, saying that residents of Ain al-Remmaneh had “defended” themselves against “Hizbullah militiamen who tried to enter their homes.” He also said that four Ain al-Remmaneh residents were injured at the hands of violent protesters, some by handgun shots, before any rounds were fired from the neighborhood.

Source: Naharnet.com

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