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Hezbollah officials meet Aoun, lend support to intra-Christian dialogue

Source: The Daily Star – The Lebanese Hezbollah supports dialogue between rival Christian political parties, an official said Wednesday after meeting with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun.

Aoun received the member of Hezbollah’s political bureau Mahmoud Qmati and the former chief of Hezbollah’s Muslim-Christian dialogue committee Ghaleb Abu Zeinab at his residence in Rabieh Wednesday morning.

Qmati stressed that his party supports the dialogue between Christians, in reference to the anticipated meeting between Aoun and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea.

He also underlined that his party’s dialogue with the Future Movement will go on, but stressed that Aoun remains the candidate that Hezbollah supports for the presidency.

Qmati also tackled the regional situation.

“Concerning the takfiris in the region, those who supported them earlier, are now fighting them,” he said. “The region is heading to a political solution.”

Head of United Free Lebanon parliamentary bloc Sleiman Frangieh met with Aoun later in the day.


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