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Hassan Nasrallah offers insight into US war on terror

THE LEVANT – Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the charismatic and powerful Secretary General of the Hezbollah, confirmed that he personally visited the Bekaa recently and “walked several kilometers on foot, between military positions”.

Here are is a quick translation of some of the most important comments Nasrallah made in which he offers a deeper analysis of the US-led war on ISIS than he did in his previous speech:
“We in the Resistance Axis are in a position of victory; when your enemies’ schemes are foiled, this means you are victorious, knowing [however] that the battle still has a long way to go before the final victory…” Nasrallah maintained that the struggle wasn’t over Syria or toppling Bashar al-Assad but on redrawing the map of the region. He emphasized that ISIS’s survival serves the interests of the US and Turkey. He described the international-Arab coalition against ISIS as a “declawing” operation which set red lines for the movement to stay away from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Irbil. He pointed out that until now, the [total sum of] US raids against ISIS positions don’t add up to a single day of Israeli strikes against Lebanon in July 2006. Nasrallah added that the US uses ISIS as a scarecrow to frighten, blackmail and exhaust the countries in the region, in order to impose its hegemony on them especially in Iraq and Syria. He also claimed that Turkey would not join the coalition or acquiesce to US conditions except in exchange for real geo-strategic gains which would allow it to extend its influence to Aleppo. This is why it has refused to aid the Kurds in Kobani or to take any steps that could threaten ISIS.”


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