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Hamas: Resistance is a justified and natural response to the occupation

THE LEVANT – Individual resistance operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem are a justified and natural reaction to the Israeli military occupation and its crimes against the Palestinian people and holy sites, Hamas said.

Hamas criticised the murder of Khayr Al-Din Hamdan in cold blood, describing it as a clear indication of the racist mentality behind Israel, an official statement issued to Al-Resalah News said.

Israeli occupation forces executed Hamdan, 22, on Saturday without giving any justification or motive for his death. Cameras caught Hamdan’s murder and harassment where the young man is visibly seen as he is being shot by Israeli forces.

The official narrative that is being supported by the Israeli police force is that Hamdan was a threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers at the scene, a claim that is not supported by the video evidence.

Hamas called on legal and human rights organisations and the countries of the free world to condemn the terrorism practiced by the occupation, particularly field operations and the cold-blooded executions which violate human rights and international laws.

The movement called upon the Palestinian Authority to stop security coordination with the Israeli occupation in response to these crimes and to object to recent events by holding mass demonstrations in support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Hamas also called upon the Islamic and Arab worlds to stand in defence of Palestine and Jerusalem and confront the Israeli occupation.

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