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Hamas rains rockets on Beersheba and Ashkelon

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – The Islamic Resistance – Hamas – and its military arm, al Qassam Brigade have confirmed that they fired dozens of rockets against settlements in Beersheba and Ashkelon in retaliation for the atrocities Israel has perpetrated against civilians in Gaza.

The Levant – Israel is responsible for the death of over a 100 Palestinians in Gaza, among whom women and children. Israel has bombed civilian areas indiscriminately, unapologetically, arguing that it needs to destroy Hamas. “No international pressure will prevent us from striking, with all force, against the terrorist organization which calls for our destruction,” PM Benyamin Netanyahu told reporters on Friday.

Al Qassam Brigade targeted several of Israel’s military outposts located near the Gaza, keen to make clear that Palestine will not take Israel’s aggression laying down.

Palestinians in Gaza have been left traumatized and angry. Many told reporters they knew now that peace would never be on Israel’s agenda. “They want to kill us all … they want us to die so they can take our lands,” said a grieving father whose daughter was killed by rocket on Friday.

Al Quds Brigade also confirmed that it would engage Israel, warning that its men were determined to protect Palestine and its people with their last breath. Al Quds Brigade targeted the settlement of Kfar Saad and military outposts in Jabalya and Aby Safiya.




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