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Hamas compares Israel with ISIL

THE LEVANT  – Izzat Al-Risheq, member of the Hamas political bureau, issued the following statement:

The attempt by Netanyahu and his spokesman Ofir Gendelman to link Hamas and compare us with other groups is a deception and disinformation campaign that will not fool anyone.

We strongly condemn and reject how Netanyahu, Gendelman and the Israeli media exploit the picture of the slain American journalist James Foley who was executed in a brutal manner.

We condemn the low and the cheap use of this image without any respect for the sanctity of the dead.

We emphasize that Hamas is a national liberation movement. Hamas’ members are freedom fighters who are seeking the liberation of the Palestinian people and their civil rights.

Hamas is confronting Israel terrorism against our children and the innocent civilians of the Palestinian people.

We are fighting for freedom and independence, and our main objective is to end the Israeli occupation and the Israeli terrorism in our land.

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