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Lavrov calls upon global support for Syria against «ISIS»

The Levant News — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow will continue to supply the Syrian army with weapons and needed equipment to fight terrorism as it is the most effective force against the Islamic State “ISIS” organization, Syrian Arab News Agency “SANA” reported.
Talking to reporters in Moscow on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister urged anti-ISIS Coalition to cooperate with the Syrian Army against ISIS.
“It is necessary, of course, to interact with the ground forces and the most efficient and powerful ground force fighting the Islamic State “ISIS” is the Syrian Army. the Russian foreign minister said, adding that the ISIS has grown into a tremendous threat after attempts to topple regimes in the Middle East.
Lavrov stressed that the maneuvers and exercises of the Russian navy vessels near the Syrian shores are scheduled practices, highlighting that the mission of the Russian experts in Syria is training the Syrian solders to use Russian gadgets.

Source: Agencies

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