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Ghaf tree showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai

A new animation film was released by Expo 2020 Dubai, showcasing the ghaf tree, and how it symbolises Expo 2020’s message of unity and collaboration.

The animated short film tells the story of ‘Salama’, a wise character based on a real-life ghaf tree preserved on the event’s site due to its value as the national tree of the UAE and symbol of peace and the ability to bring people together.

The film follows the life of Salama as she witnesses the UAE through the ages, including the country’s unification, through to the present, and then looks towards the exciting future that Expo 2020 represents.

Salama represents a beacon of safety for travellers and visitors and, as a meeting place for many generations, helps to forge understanding and tolerance, therefore symbolising Expo’s theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. Similar to the UAE, she grows and flourishes under all circumstances.

The film concludes with Salama perched on a hill overlooking the site of Expo 2020, which will bring together the world for six months from 20th October 2020.

Source: WAM

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