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Gaza War in numbers

THE LEVANT – A seven-week war between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip has ended with an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire.

Here is a look at the results of the war, the terms of the cease-fire and unresolved issues that are to be tackled in a future round of indirect negotiations expected to begin next month:


– 2,143 Palestinians killed, according to Palestinian health officials. The United Nations says that includes hundreds of civilians and at least 494 children.

– 70 Israelis killed, all but six soldiers.

– 17,200 homes destroyed or severely damaged, with 100,000 Palestinians homeless, according to U.N. figures.

-4,591 rockets and mortars fired at Israel, according to the Israeli military.

– The military says it struck 5,226 “targets” – primarily through airstrikes but also in artillery strikes and tank and gunship fire.

-Israeli military intelligence believes Hamas possesses roughly 2,500 rockets, compared to about 10,000 before the war. It says several thousand were destroyed in Israeli airstrikes.


-The opening of Israeli-controlled crossings with Gaza “that ensures the humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials” are allowed in.

– Israel says there will be safeguards to prevent reconstruction materials from being used for military purposes. It says all materials will be inspected on their way into Gaza, and will be under international supervision afterward.

– An expansion of the fishing zone for Gaza’s fishermen from 3 nautical miles to 6 nautical miles.

-Israel to allow Gaza to export goods to West Bank for first time in eight years.

– Israel to allow the Palestinian Authority to pay salaries to civil servants employed by Hamas in Gaza, with guarantees that none of the money goes to Hamas’ military wing.

-An Israeli buffer zone along the Gaza border will be reduced from 500 meters (550 yards) to 300 meters (325 yards), and eventually down to 100 meters (110 yards).


– Hamas wants Egypt to reopen the Rafah border crossing – Gaza’s main gateway to the outside world – to passenger and cargo traffic. A border deal would include a role for Abbas, giving him his first foothold in Gaza since Hamas overran the area in 2007.

-Hamas also wants a reopening of Gaza’s air and seaports.

-Israel wants Hamas to disarm.

– A return of bodies of two Israeli soldiers killed in the war.

– Hamas’ demand that dozens of Hamas prisoners arrested in a West Bank crackdown over the summer be released. Most had been freed in a 2011 prisoner swap.

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