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Gaza – One child killed every hour

THE LEVANT – The Under-Secretary-General for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos, has described the situation in Gaza as “dire”, as the organization revealed that one child has been killed every hour in the conflict for the past three days.

According to the latest situation report from Gaza by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Israeli shelling had caused damage to six UN-run schools out of 83 hosting at least 140,000 people who have been forced to evacuate their homes, the Independent British newspaper said.

Baroness Amos said: “People are sheltering in UN schools which as a result cannot be used for education. They are running out of food, and water is also a serious concern”.

“About 44 per cent of the total area of Gaza is not fit for living”, she said, adding that people leaving their homes due to the shelling makes things worse.

“The majority of those killed in Gaza are women, children and men who have nothing to do with the fighting. That we have had children, so many children killed as a result of the violence in the last few days is a terrible, terrible situation.”

UNICEF also reported that 33 per cent of civilian deaths are children.

As the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza has entered its third week, more than a thousand Palestinians have been killed while around six thousand others were injured.

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