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Gaza massacre Israel rerun of Nazi genocide

By Dr. Amir Dabiri –

Twenty-seven days have passed since the Israeli regime launched an all-out assault on the Gaza Strip in southwestern Palestine. With a population of 1.8 million people and a total area of 360 square kilometers, the region has turned into the focal point of the Palestinians’ resistance against the relentless Israeli acts of aggressions and continuous occupation.

Over 1,700 Palestinians have been killed and some 10,000 others severely injured in the Israeli regime’s attacks against the civilians over the past 27 days. There is currently no secure place in Gaza. Zionists are even shelling and bombarding houses, hospitals, schools and shelters of the United Nations. Global protests and even tears of the UN envoy to Palestine have failed to have the slightest impact on the Israeli regime’s clear bid for genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Israel was forced to withdraw from Gaza in 2005 following the resistance of the Gazans against Tel Aviv’s illegal settlement plans and a gradual occupation of the enclave. Tel Aviv then placed restrictions on the Gazans by imposing an all-out siege and sanctions regime over the past nine years and even a 22-day war in 2008 and an eight-day war in 2012. The regime thinks it can take revenge on the Islamic resistance through a cruel war against the civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Media affiliated to the Zionists and Israel’s allies, particularly the US, are also trying to cover up this policy and the Zionists’ inhuman, warmongering and cruel aims. They are ignoring the ongoing realities in Gaza in order to justify Israel’s crimes as military efforts to find and destroy Hamas tunnels in Gaza. This is a lie that no one in the world has accepted it despite the production of thousands of news items, photos and videos because it is not acceptable that the Zionist army is allowed to massacre hundreds of women and children and shell civilians, the injured people and relief teams in hospital and shelters with the purpose of targeting Hamas tunnels.

Israel’s objective behind this obvious genocide is completely clear. As a racist, cruel and dictatorial regime, Israel responds to any resistance against its policies with an iron fist and sees no limitation or obstacles in the world for implementing this policy.

The historical irony is that the Israeli regime and its policies are a reminder of Nazi Germany during Hitler’s time in 1939-1945. The Nazi Germany under its leader, Hitler, pursued the same political policy which included expansionism and occupation of European countries through the policy of a military iron fist and inattention to all legal, international and moral regulations through racism and anti-Semitism.

Today, the Zionists have also occupied the land of an oppressed nation, Palestine, and compelled millions of the Palestinians to flee into nearby countries and other parts of the world. They are pursuing the same Nazi approaches and Hitler’s policies in cracking down on the oppressed Palestinian people. If Hitler was against the Jews, the Israeli regime is also against the Palestinians and seeks the destruction of all those who are resisting against its bullying.

It is also tragic that the liberal world resisted against Hitler in a period between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II. However, not only is the so-called liberal Western world presently keeping a disgraceful silence on the Zionist regime’s racist policies and the killing of innocent people, but it is also in fact supporting Tel Aviv’s measures by taking no action.

Over the past 27 days, Israel has demolished all the achievements of the modern world after World War II step by step. Concepts and notions such as human rights, international law, peace, Security Council, diplomacy, international conventions and international organizations are among the post-war world achievements which were made at the cost of 50 million lives in wars.

But, the racist Israeli regime has blatantly demolished all these achievements and values over the past 27 days and seeks to prove that bullying and violence are the only ways to survive in the international scene and that legal, moral, political and human means have no application in the world.

The Israeli regime, through such an attitude, is in fact confirming that its identity is illegitimate because legitimate and legal establishments have no need for violence and bullying for their survival. Illegal and illegitimate regimes need bullying, terrorism and violence for their survival.

The supportive silence in the face of the Zionists’ genocide in Gaza is support for the revival of racist policies of Hitler’s Nazis in the world and an approval of the law of jungle in international relations. It also means that any illegal and illegitimate move can be justified through bullying and violence.

The shameful role of the so-called civilized countries and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – the US, Britain, France, Russia and China — is the most regrettable issue. They have shown no appropriate reaction and carried out no practical measure to defend international norms after Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Although one side of the Gaza coin is full of tragedy and sorrow for violation of all human, moral and legal principles and killing of civilians, particularly innocent children and women, by the Israeli regime, there is also a flip side.

The establishment and spread of international hatred of a regime which can be can be presented to the world as the most important threat to global peace and civilization is the other side of the Gaza coin. Israel is offering a real image of itself which is associated with unforgettable fury and hatred of this regime. Opponents of the Israeli regime are increasing day by day.

Freedom- and peace-seeking people, Muslims, opponents of war, terror, violence, dictatorship and political cruelty as well as advocates of international law and international order have come to the understanding that the Israeli regime is a serious threat to global peace and that its survival will not be reconcilable with the survival of security and international order.

It is surprising that Western experts did not remind Western politicians of such realities and allow their security to be put up for sale as the Westerners are keeping silent and taking no action against the Israeli regime’s genocide in Gaza.

The world today expects that the Israeli regime’s attacks against the defenseless people in Gaza stop, the region’s blockade and sanctions be lifted and all those who played a hand in the ongoing war crime against humanity be put on trail and punished. It also expects that peacekeeping forces be sent to the region and the case of Israel’s genocide be examined at the Security Council and also referred to international justice court.

If such measures are carried out, hopes will rise for the existence of a minimum level of international order. What we are currently witnessing is anarchy promoted by the Israelis which is a kind of regeneration of the Nazi genocide and warmongering but of a Zionist kind.

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