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From Gaza to DASH

THE LEVANT – By Geoffrey Cook – Jewish-American Civil Society has given your author insights into the Hebrew nation that he otherwise would not have. My premise has always been that you cannot successfully prevail over your opponent unless you understand his narrative, and, if reconciliation is ever to be achieved, the Other must understand your own.

The majority consensus of the Jewish-American community, of which I am not a member,
is that they wished the recent Incursion into Gaza would end as soon as possible – which, hopefully, it has.  The sense of your reporter, though, in talking to the military and intelligence (retired) establishment of the Jewish State that itself were introduced to me in the States by that Civil Society.   Being of the Labour Party, they despise the Likud (the led party of the right-wing coalition in Tel Aviv).  The majority of the upper officer corps would have grabbed the bi-State solution with the guarantees the Kerry Initiative offered. For the most part, too, they had questioned the Incursion in in that they had doubts about the achievability and necessity of the strategic goals given them.  Also, they were aware of the more ominous threats brewing in their neighborhood.

. Unfortunately, that solution has, finally, slipped under the bridge. Your composer is certain that, if the Israeli Labour Party had been the in the lead in a Left of Center Coalition in Tel Aviv, the Kerry Initiative would have reached an uneasy settlement between the two sides.  Yet, Netanyahu and his ultra-Zionist allies have cast the Jewish State in almost certain demise within a hundred years unless that State can make dramatic reforms.

The difference between them (the Israeli Left-of-Center) and the U.S. are the boundaries and the parameters of justice which the establishment of a free Palestinian State would entail.
Our President Obama personally detests their Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the Israelites have been interfering in American domestic policies, and that must end!

What those of the Left in your author’s American Party (i.e., Democratic) have to do is to encourage the President to stand up to the Zionist Lobby…to put American policy goals over Hebrew goals…which too many in former U.S. governments have assumed to be a constant …must be to have to assert American interests over Israel’s when they differ.  This does not change the so-described “special” relationship, but treats to each partner as equal.  Further, if one partner feels his/her partner to be in error, it is his duty to dialogue to try to correct the other or to be corrected him/herself if in she/he is in error.
Your raconteur was raised as a minority non-Jew in a largely Jewish-American majority community.  He is quite conversant in the hopes and aspirations of that community as well as the blooming Islamic community both residing on our common soul within the States.

Yet, before your essayist begins, he must firmly state he is  a supporter of Palestinian self-agency.  If his readers will research the archives of the Muslim Observer (U.S.A.), an article of his on M.K. Gandhi’s view of the birth of Israel appears.  The Mahatma believed that the Jewish state, plopped within the middle of an ancient Middle Eastern civilization, was a grave historical crime, but in realpolitik terms it is there, and it has to be dealt with the best it can.

This brings us to the current wrenching evil over our hapless Gazan brothers.  Hopefully, the current talks in Egypt still dragging on will bring a long-term solution to the isolation to the land of the ancient Philistines.   Hopefully, it will bring an end to Israeli aggression against the deeply aggrieved Gazan oppression.  Yet, your writer is most doubtful that they will.

To understand the other side, your acting as a journalist was in a tele-conference from the District of Columbia on the calamity with the head of a of a Neo-Zionist organization, J-Street. Your commentator shall look at the contents of that hour’s meeting analytically to better to respond to the unforgivably unjust attack upon our aggrieved brothers trapped on the (Gaza) Strip.

Succinctly, the Hamas-democratically elected mini-State was undermined in a cynical move to derail the unity government between Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip and the Fatah political party which rules the West Bank – which would have put an occupied West Bank and a Gazan (independent) sub-State – jointly ruled by the Hamas and Fatah unity government.  (The occupied Palestinian State has a two-Party system like our own with a separately elected President as head of State, again, like here in the District of Columbia [D.C.].)

Succinctly, the Unity government was formed in re-action to the failure of the Kerry Initiative which fells solely on Benjamin Netanyahu – and his government.  The object of that current administration there and the Jewish Settlements upon the West Bank is to create a Greater Israel in the mythic image of the (Jewish Old Testament.) Bible.
The three kidnaped Jewish Colonial (illegal) Settler boys were criminally – not politically – murdered.  This gave a convenient reason to for Tel Aviv to force the Unity Palestinian government underground.

Before the Unity government was so forced, a brutal dragnet was conducted under the direct supervision the Jewish Prime Minister.  The violent rampage conducted, thereafter, conducted by the  security services, violated International Crimes against Humanity that prohibit punishment for acts not committed by individuals for which they do not hold responsibility.   During this period at least 150 Palestinian souls perished by the hands of the military and police  — a high number of them children.  Party members and officials of the Hamas Party’s property and persons were purposely targeted without solid accusation of guilt – or even due process.

Press articles in the United States, the United Kingdom (U.K.) and the most thorough in Israel itself (especially two brave reporters from Haaretz), exposed the cynical manipulation of the incident by the Hebrew central government to destroy any chance for Palestinian political singularity.  I mentioned the possible Israeli security apparatus, Shin Bet and/or the Mossed, being complicit in the dastardly deed and/or the aftermath on some level.  It has been proven that it was indirect not overtly, for Hamas itself admitted that members of its Party on the West Bank were involved, but not under the orders or direction of Gaza City.

The Israeli intelligence, police and military apparatus purposely contributed to the disinformation and incitement that fashioned the hysteria that encouraged six ultra-Orthodox overly-“devout” Jews to snatch an Arab youth at random.  In the boy’s horribly tortuous death, they forced him to drink gasoline; dousing his outward body with flame while engulfing his entrails!  The fanatical cruelty of the “righteously religious” Jews gave way to the malevolent malice of ISIS!

The Jewish State is more than complicit in this unspeakable offense by encouraging the ultra-Orthodox as the only State-sponsored Jewish expression in the Hebrew nation, as well as arousing the vulgar of that commonweal into an ant-Arab frenzy to the and to pilfering their land and wiping them from the earth as persons; e.g. genocide  and that government must be punished for this criminality, too.  Those decision-makers of that country are, also, guilty of the murder of these innocents in Jerusalem and Gaza, but especially in failing to protect our own (U.S.) citizen there, a boy who was mauled , no matter who his antecedents might have been;  e.g. a Palestinian Arab-American!  The States should demand the perpetrator to be rendition to American justice!  While the United Nations should declare the individuals of this rogue State as International criminals as those leaders in the Balkans were during the 1990s.  Tersely, the Zionist perpetrators of the Gaza slaughter should be brought to The Hague to determine their fat

Jeremy Ben- Ami, the President of J-Street who had been in the Zionist State when the hostility had begun, said the Tel Aviv government believed that the murders of the Israeli youths were committed by a Palestinian family with ties to Hamas.  Now, your narrator is a registered voter of one of the U.S.’ mainstream political parties.  That does not mean that Party would be responsible for any crime he might commit.  Note, even Israeli law enforcement acknowledge the crime was a barbarous act of criminality at a particularly tense political time.

Further, your columnist has information of a possible homicide shortly before the incident in the area which the Israeli authorities failed to report.  Could this have been related to the subsequent slayings?  Hopefully, the correct facts will emerge in any U.N. (United Nations’) war crimes investigation.

During these events, members of the Hamas Party, who were on the West Bank to take part in the Unity Government, were picked up and jailed and physically abused.  It was the reaction to the Gaza’s Palestinians treatment on the West Bank that the Gazans went on the offensive to avoid the Zionist desired destruction of the political party.

All this narrative I have expounded is to assert the Israeli cynical plan to destroy Hamas and any chance for a political settlement amongst the Palestinians that could lead to a peaceful transition to a Palestinian State by destroying any hope of union between the two political factions.

The Palestinian nation in both Gaza and the West Bank went on an upright rage subsequently after the violence done to their own Innocents in the subsequent Zionist dragnet following the disappearance of the Hebrew boys.  The sarcastic Jews, subsequently, of course, blamed this incident on Hamas themselves — accusing them of orchestrating it at the highest level. Therefore The Palestinian nation in both Gaza and the West Bank consequently went into a defensive mode. The Hamas government entrenched themselves in their Gaza City base because of the desecration of their Party on the West Bank.  The resistance to the Incursion was a solely a defensive measure.  Any nation under attack has the right to self-defense!  This is shielded within International law.

In the meeting from Washington the inane propaganda issued by the Zionists, who stole our mutual Holy Land, that Hamas is a terrorist org, and that they started the conflict is a lie!  They are a democratically elected political Party in the Islamist mode!

Israel was not fighting to protect itself; they were waging an asymmetrical warfare against a defenseless nation because of the enablement of the American Behemoth.

The Islamists fought admiralty with upgraded technology gained through Iran during the period of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascendancy in neighboring Egypt. While the Zionist entity was an overly armed opponent, the Hamas militia was able to propel their rockets a hundred miles into Israel proper hitting targets near Ben Gurion Airport.  In Tel Aviv a drone barely was halted from destroying the Defense Ministry’s national command itself.

In strategically analyzing the effectiveness of the highly touted Iron Dome, the accuracy was not 90% as claimed by the Zionists, but 20-30%.  This is because most of the rockets were to strike thunder and terror against the occupiers, and were not thrust at clear targets.  The 20-30% were stopped the Gazan irregulars who attempted to make direct hits upon a military, but were prevented from doing so by the Dome.  Yet, many, also, got through.

Therefore, most experts on strategic military operations have declared Hamas the victor, for the Zionist army has had to withdraw from the Strip.  Unlike the Jews, the Gazan militia targets were well-aimed, but the number of Hebrew IDF (Israel Defense Force) causalities inflicted upon the Gazan people in comparison to that which the Gazans had exacted as collateral damage show that the fighters from the ancient Philistine land were more precise in their targeting; hitting overwhelmingly the combatants they aimed at and not civilians.

Further they were able to survive and wore the Jewish Behemoth down as in the 2008-2009 Incursion. Through the massacre of a defenseless people, Tel Aviv has been exposed for their unmitigated brutality.  This has turned the world against them; placing them in the category of a reprobate regime.

In contrast to the Gazan militia, the IDF (the Israel Defense Fore) inflicted an obscene amount of Arab casualties and billions of U.S dollars’ damage to Gaza City itself.

In asymmetrical warfare, often the better armed are not able to control their over-armed machines.  That is, often to dispatch an individual who is a military objective; they would use fighter planes dropping 500 pound bombs. Of course, it would immediately kill everyone in the range of the blast.

A British analysis of the hostilities felt commandos and snipers would have been more effective.   Thus, under the International law of War, the crime of Proportion has to be pronounced here.

The Jewish people in the Diaspora have to stand up, and pronounce “Not in my Name:  Never,” Again!”  If not, they will all be complacent in the crime and liable to share the punishment.  Yet, the majority of righteous Jews in this country have stood up to their lanzmen in the Middle East.

In the American-Jewish briefing, they were right to say that Hebrew decisions of the past were (grossly) wrong.  Yes, we must go beyond the present and plant the seeds for a more productive future. “We must grieve for the…Gazan peoples.”

They are right when they say that there can be no military solution, but a political one!  They have to develop a Plan B when the Jewish State will abandon a Sectarian for a multi-Sectarian State Solution, again — of one vote per person. – a New Caanan if you will.

The Likud sabotaged the Kerry Initiative into the State initiated criminal violence.  The racist (against their own ethnic “cousins”) establishment in that rogue State cannot be trusted, and do not have the integrity to negotiate.  Therefore, the only option is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). The Gazans have won a Pyrrhic victory by this Incursion as they did in 2008-2009 in withstanding the Jewish Juggernaut. Further, they have shown the Zionist terrain in which Israel barrows to be a reprobate landscape.

Can they win the peace?  So, far their basic demand of ending the Blockade has not been met.  The Hebrew Moloch’s decision to build yet another huge Settlement near Jerusalem on Palestinian land should permanently derail even the hope for a permanent piece from the Cairo conferences.

Now, the al-Nursa (al-Qaeda in Syria} is at the border of Israel/Palestine on the Golan Heights, and DAASH is not far behind.  IS is even calling for the “Sea Arabs” (i.e., the Gazans) to come and join their terrorist-Takfr tyranny.  (There are some Palestinians within the ranks of ISIL and the al-Nursa Front already.)

The tactical idiocy of the Gaza campaign has become apparent:  The al-Nursa Front and ISIL were creeping up to their frontier with Syria while Tel Aviv’ military was battering a people who could only  resist with low-level warfare.  Even forget the moral magnitude and the grave suffering of this attack, the campaign against the Gazans was sheer strategic folly when  the Jewish State was about to face a  fight for its very survival.

Gaza has gravely weakened the ability of Tel Aviv’ to even defend itself within its altering martial environs.


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