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From Gaza to Daash – part 2

THE LEVANT – By Geoffrey Cook – This Op-Ed is an extension of a long article that was published a few weeks ago on these pages.  It was an analysis of the recent the criminal incident against Gaza.  I rewrote the article considerably for a publication in the Middle East.  The purpose of the current piece is to mark the bridge between Gaza and the raise of ISIS.

Israel should begin a Plan B for the Jewish State has to abandon a Sectarian for a multi-Sectarian-State Solution, again (as in the time of the British Mandate) — of one vote per person. – a New Canaan if you will.  The only question is not if but when.

The (right-wing Israeli) Likud (political party) sabotaged the Kerry Initiative into the iniquitous State initiated violence against the Port of Gaza in their support of establishing a Greater Israel – to the exclusion of the indigenous Palestinian-Arabs.

The racist (against their own ethnic Arabic-speaking “cousins”) state establishment proved themselves to be a rogue State who cannot be trusted to negotiate.  Therefore, the only acceptable action for the rest of the world is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

The Gazans have won a Pyrrhic victory in their resistance to this most recent Incursion, as they did in 2008-2009 by merely withstanding the Israeli Juggernaut. Further, they have shown the Zionist terrain, into which presently Israel has barrowed, to be a reprobate landscape for the Jewish Settler Colonialists who have proven themselves to totally lack any morality of decency.
Can they win the peace?  So, far their basic demand of ending the Blockade has not been met.  The Hebrew Moloch’s decision to build yet another huge Settlement near Jerusalem on Palestinian land should permanently derail even the hope for a permanent piece from the Cairo conferences.

Now, al-Nursa (al-Qaeda in Syria} is at the border of Israel/Palestine on the Golan Heights, and DAASH is not far behind.  IS is even calling for the “Sea Arabs” (i.e., the Gazans) to come and join their terrorist-Takfr tyranny.  (There are some Palestinians within the ranks of ISIL and the al-Nursa Front already.)

The tactical idiocy of the Gaza campaign has become apparent:  The al-Nursa Front and ISIL were creeping up to their frontier with Syria while Tel Aviv’s military was battering a people who could only resist with low-level warfare.  Even forget the moral magnitude and the grave suffering of this attack against Arab civilians, the campaign against the Gazans was sheer strategic folly for the Jewish State when they are about to have to face a fight for their very survival.

Yet, like the Turks, they see their traditional “enemy,” Hezbollah to be more dangerous than DAASH to the point of collaborating with the al-Nursa (i.e., al-Qaeda in Syria) Front to throw a battle with Hezbollah in the former’s favor which the Hebrews failed to do.

Sensitize information, which has reached me from two different sources; report that Tel Aviv is planning an attack against Hezbollah and Gaza simultaneously.
Hezbollah has rattled swords of their own by stating they have 10,000 missiles of which 1,000 are precision guided.  All are capable of hitting any target within Israel itself or troop concentrations in the Occupied Territories.  If they make a first strike the “Iron Dome,” whose accuracy has been already been proven to have been overly touted, can be neutralize through Hezbollah’s superior Iranian technology.

The Gaza misadventure has gravely weakened the ability of Tel Aviv to even defend itself within its altering martial environs.

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