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Scene from the American Civil War (courtesy www.history.com)

Funding the Civil War

Using money with demurrage;
The US dollar with demurrage.

Only using the
hoardable form of money
do The Civil Wars
continue to get financed; paid for.
It’s been happening like that for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Defending the hard earned wealth
of homes and towns and roads and ports and all the things we work so hard to create together is justified.
And for that we have military.
In times of peace military can be used for logistical purposes and in all kinds of other ways
including the building or creation of infrastructure.
The budget for this military in times of peace
can be used for research and development of all kinds.
Military is much more than guns and bullets.

So how is “The Enemy” financed?
And why is there an enemy?
There wouldn’t be when there is no Civil War.
Two countries which both enjoy civil peace
will never go to war with each other.

Reciprocal trade between nations
and then ultimately
reciprocal trade amongst the people
is what happens along the path of
unhoardable money with demurrage.

Along the other path of
hoardable money
is what we have been following all these years of Civil War *
Massive amounts of IT; paper US dollars
operates in The Dark Realms
in caves
and on boats (ships)
and in the containers which hold
massive amounts
parked in deserts.
Blowing these things up would cause a huge shortage of money for The Dark Forces.
That would help but it wouldn’t fix the problem.

* Civil War even way back when the first slave was sold in Israel way before the Civil War in the United States.

Declaring demurrage on The US dollar
will bring this hidden money back
to the banks
with no blood.
And what would the banks do with it?
They wouldn’t hold it.
It would all go into circulation
and with microsecond transactions
flow back to the quarry of the natural resources
(which there is so much concern for these days)

Then the money will be balanced
with the natural resources
and never just accumulate
in a stagnant toxic way
somewhere in a dark place,
and used to cause mischief;
for example
the conditions for demanding interest;
shortage of money,
and gossip
for stirring trouble and conflict and confusion; mainstream news.

“How does that sound?”
Angel asks Barron,
as the two of them sit high up in the crows nest of Angel’s great ship
The Moo-La.

to be continued…

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