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Full moon money eclipse

Sitting together out back of the White House.
Watching the full moon rise.
Having cookies and milk.

“Let’s rap a little.”
Barron nods.
And Angel begins the exchange:
“ I think we should write a speech
for your Dad
about The Basic Income
with demurrage,
to be used as a distribution mechanism.
for getting things back on track again.”

“Let’s call this
‘When demurrage is declared on The US dollar’
Any contract
will be easily walked through
to the end,
both parties,
all parties,
each step of the way
satisfied in a natural way
as each step is taken toward the fulfillment
of the obligations agreed to.
There is not even need,
(there will not be)
for lengthy
court cases, legal hearings, law suits.

The natural ego driven tendencies
and impulses
will not allow the US dollar
to fester in a hotspot
causing the spread of disease in that area,
in particular
like cancer and COVID-19.

the so-called bad guys,
are really only caught in the web of deceit
like all the rest of us
(and all the other entities as well).
We will all begin to align with the rules
when demurrage is declared on The US dollar.
In fact
it will be to the bank’s benefit,
of course
to the benefit of their customers and clients.

The problem
which is being instigated right now
and funded by The Shipping Empire
will become bankrupt,
most likely taken over
by another management.
And then,
all the destructive elements will become weaker and weaker.
It’s already happening.
Was The Shipping Empire
hurt by
The China Tariffs? …
Oh, yes.

Pennywise knows.
be eating more children in Chapter 3;
he won’t be ruining the future
for lots of children.
In fact,
he will be HELPING them. A lot.
Why? …
Because your dad has been strategically
flushing out
more and more
of the cash paper money from
The Shipping Empire,
The Vikings Division.

they are still out there; The Vikings.
Still operating the way they always have.
Their biggest move
is shipping cash paper US dollars around,
which makes its way into the hands of
The Terrorist,
I mean
The Viking
to fund
The Dark

Your move Barron.”

“Thank you. Please.
The People
are about to learn
how the magical money token,
now paper money,
more specifically the US paper dollar,
all of these last 3500 years
has always been

was a defect
in the gift
which was received
by The Three Magicians;
The response to their wish :
how can we help the people to work better together.
The gift response
The Magical Golden Money token.

Since there was this defect of hoardability,
the magic was left very

Evil saw this opening, or hole, in the magic
and seized IT;
The Magical Money Token,
eventually accumulating enough
to be able to use the money
as leverage
to manipulate market conditions,
which would allow
for the ultimate perversion
of Usery,
which we are supposed to stay away from.

The Money Token
is behind this.
The ones who holds the most
are the most perverted.

My Dad
allows cash paper money
in our home.
He just moves it around.
For him it’s like a chess game.
He is a master at moving IT.
He does this like
Qi Gong.
And these days
he plays multi dimensional chess with the money;
Qi Gong
on a global level.
he will have the US dollar moving all over the globe smoothly, continuously,
with all trade being reciprocal.
Do you know how this is done Angel?”

“Well yes,
I do;
by declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
there will be very few paper dollars even existing. Very few.
Maybe none eventually.
The Terrorists
will be
completely unfunded;


And the two of them crash their milk glasses together solidly.

“Sweet dreams Barron.”
“And you too Angel.”

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