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Fujairah Social and Cultural Association heading toMorocco’s International Youth and Women Forum’

The UAE, represented by the Fujairah Social and Cultural Association, is participating in the ‘3rd International Youth and Women Forum’, being hosted by the Moroccan city of Tangier until 17th March 2019.

The forum, organised by the Moroccan Association for Economic, Social and Cultural Development, under the slogan, ‘Women and Youth are the Core of Sustainable Development’, attracted many international experts and officials, with the aim of creating strategic cooperation networks and encouraging investment in community and social development projects.

The Emirati youth delegation is being led by Sabrin Al Yamahi, Deputy Chairperson of the Fujairah Association, and includes Saeed Al Hufaiti, Deputy Head of the Media and Public Relations Section of the Association, and Amena Al Dhanhany, Executive Director of the Association.

The UAE’s participation in the forum includes the presentation of several working papers on its experience in women’s and youth empowerment, as well as the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, between the association and the Moroccan Economic, Social and Cultural Development Association, to reinforce their social and cultural cooperation.

Al Dhanhany said that the association’s participation in the forum is part of the UAE’s efforts to reinforce its cultural cooperation with many countries, as well as to enhance the historic ties between the UAE and Morocco, and to send a message of tolerance, compassion and peace while highlighting the country’s keenness to reinforce its global position, through its international initiative, titled, ‘Zayed’s Ambassadors’.

Source: WAM

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