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Four ways to learn about Work, Practice, Communication & Reflection

Learning is a broad concept. It is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when it comes to learning about Knowledge growth, Skills Development, and Change in values, together they are part of a rather complex learning process.

By Emile Fakhoury

Although no such formula can completely encompass the learning process, I believe that you should focus on exploring the four primary ways of learning– work, practice, communication, and reflection.

1-Work - Challenging experiences:

You learn by doing or training on the job using activities that stretch your capabilities and develop your skills.  This would be a time and cost-efficient effective learning as it combines physical and mental capabilities working in synchronization to overcome the challenges and build your skills while working on your tasks.

2-Practice - Opportunities to practice:

Practice feeds high performance and helps us better equip ourselves before facing real-life challenges. Take all opportunities for learning and practicing; we have many tools these days, in class, video recording, or online training, that support skills development.

3-Communication - Creative conversations:

The conversation is the lubrication of learning and development. Keep yourself engaged with your colleagues and have open-minded discussions to learn from others and develop yourself. We know better if we train and help others, this is the award of training and discussing with others.

4-Reflection - Time of reflection:

To benefit the maximum from our learning experience, it should be combined with reflection before and after the training experiences. Reflect with your colleagues as you prepare and perform the training on their experiences and feedback. Also, continue reflecting as you leave the training environment and build your own experience. 

Learning that lasts and develops our skills is training that combines these four elements to form our learning experiences cycle. It would help if you aimed to invest time and effort and ensure your training is a lasting experience.

Written by Emile Fakhoury

3 comments on “Four ways to learn about Work, Practice, Communication & Reflection”